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How to Maximize the Resale Value of Your Caravan in 4 Ways

October 3rd, 2019 in General by

Caravans are like cars; the first is not the last one, and so, just like cars there is the first caravan of your life, then there is the second one and so on. Buying a subsequent caravan needs more investment as compared to the last caravan we bought. This is attributed to the fact that the prices of the caravans go up every year, as well as new features,  keep coming up which keeps redefining the caravans in all the categories- basic, mid-priced or premium.

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The best way to meet the investment needs for a new caravan is to sell the old one. But how much would it fetch completely depends on its condition; better the condition, more the value?

Here are 4 ways you can maximize the value of your caravan in an event of a resale.

  1. Use it regularly Yes, that may sound contradictory to the popular belief of using a thing less keeps it more intact, but if you use your caravan regularly, there are huge chances that its resale would not dip. Something which is up and running is not idle, which means it doesn’t rust away. Using the caravan regularly doesn’t corrode its parts, keeps the bearings lubricated, and doesn’t cause issues of dust and dirt. The generators of many caravans fail in just a duration of 10 years which is undoubtedly in most cases caused due to lack of caravan use.


  1. Don’t make the décor unchangeable- Naturally, as caravan owners, we would want to change and customize the décor of our caravans, but this might hit the resale value of the caravan. Avoid making any permanent changes to your caravan when you plan to redecorate it such as painting the ceilings and walls, pasting vinyl wallpapers or carpets or anything which cannot be undone. Redecorating your caravan with changeable décor ideas would keep its value intact.


  1. Avoid drilling holes in the walls- One thing which could make your caravan look shabby when you go to resell it, are the holed walls. Most of us would drill holes to hang pictures, coat hooks, nails and screws which gives us the solution to a current problem of hanging things. But it sheds the resale value of your caravan and you only come to know about it when the dealer tells you, holing the walls was a bad idea. Instead, you can use 3M hooks which are easy to paste on the walls.


  1. Avoid stickers on the exterior- Stickers on your caravans could be fun but there is a big downside to it. Peeling the stickers off could make the resale value of your caravans stuck. Although you could neatly and step-by-step peel off the stickers from the exterior of your caravan, yet the leftover mark gets left behind, which is known as ‘ghosting’. Ghosting doesn’t go away easily and therefore hits your caravan resale.


A little precaution and good habits could help you keep your caravan younger than it actually is and this, in turn, would fetch a good resale value.

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