How To Pack Away Your Awning (Or Tent)

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Camping is exciting and drives every Australian a little Crazy. You’ll never meet an Australian who’ll say no to camping. It is so enthralling that everybody loves it. But it always gets messy when it comes to en end. And as much as any camper would hate the conclusion of the lovely experience, another thing that makes it all bad and tiresome is PACKING! Even the extreme campers often fail to pack their Tents and Awnings properly and give up too early, without trying much. But worry no more! Fairy Godmother heard you sulking in deep in the vain of packing your Awning unsuccessfully and asked us to help you. So here we are with our “how-to” guide on packing awnings properly.

Inflatable Camper Awning

Here are some easy-peasy steps to pack your Awning correctly

  1. Never compete with the first-time packaging standard. Mostly any Awning is packed by robots, and that is why it comes so perfect.
  2. Start packing at least an hour before you want to leave the site.
  3. Take out everything from your Awning.
  4. Now disassemble all the parts and put them on the ground.
  5. Flat the Awning by keeping the base on the ground and the top facing sky.
  6. Open door and windows so any trapped air can move out.
  7. Wait for 5 mins.
  8. Now take two opposite edges of the Awning and fold them towards the centre.
  9. Take your packing bag and measure the length of further fold needed by keeping your bag on one of the folded halves. Make sure that you keep the long side of the bag parallel to the new half folded side of the Awning.
  10. Now fold the Awning moreover to reduce it to the length of the bag. (may need 3 to 5 folds)
  11. Now let the arrangement settle for 5 minutes so any trapped air will move out.
  12. Now start rolling your Awning from the closed side towards the side with the open flap.
  13. This helps in making sure that as you fold, the air keeps on getting out.
  14. Take help from someone at this stage, so you get it evenly folded.
  15. Once you have rolled the entire Awning, it should reduce to the diameter slightly lesser than the width or height of the bag.
  16. Tie with ropes, so the Awning doesn’t open up. If your Awning came with flap, tighten them.
  17. Your Awning is ready to go in the bag.

We are sure that you would have never tried to pack your Awning this way and after reading this guide, you’ll feel more confident about packing your Awning. Rest assured that this method is alike to pack a variety of tents, Awnings, annexes and many more such Camping products.

This is an industrial-standard packing technique that your manufacturer uses to pack your Awning for the second or any consecutive time after they are done with cleaning or servicing or repairing your Awning.

In case you need any assistance in packing your awnings or on-site awning installation, then contact us. Our trained and experienced installers are available in all the states which follow all the Government Provided Guidelines for your safety.

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