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How to Properly Clean a Caravan Inside and Out?

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A caravan serves alike a home when holidaying and with some accessories, outdoors and extensions it becomes even the much-needed replica. Cleaning, however, can be tedious, but it is critical too! Knowing the right way can help you in keeping the shine and lustre just like a new one.

How to Properly Clean a Caravan Inside and Out?

Here we have compiled a list of some best ways to clean a caravan outside, and in so cleaning caravan exterior and interior will become an easy thing for you.

How to Wash a Caravan When It Is Just Out from The Storage?

When parked in shade or storage, the RV remains safe, and surrounding walls help in keeping off excess dust and dirt. When a Caravan comes out, it is somehow clean, all it needs is a little wiping and touch up so it can glow and shimmer when on the road.

  • Avoid a pressure washer for cleaning, do so, only if sure to control water outflow pressure. Or you will damage the paint as tiny dust will engross in it forever due to the high-pressure water.
  • Consuming household cleaners or harsh chemicals both won’t serve the purpose when you want a clean and forever shining Caravan.
  • A Camco RV Colour and Finish Restorer can help in polishing the exteriors and getting the shine back after you have finished cleaning.
  •  Applying Camco Premium Wax Sealant can make sure that the charm of your RV remains intact the whole of the trip until you are back and even afterwards.
  • A new RV, out on its first trip, can be cleaned with just a vacuum cleaner from inside. But if its a second trip or more, then only this won’t be enough.
  • If you find anything broken then call the expert technician.
  •  The kitchen and cookware can be cleaned with regular cleaning products that you use in your house.

Believe us, your wife knows it all on keeping clean interiors, and you don’t need any tips when you have one. Bachelors – May God Be with You In This Difficult Time!

How to Clean Fly Screens in Caravan to Have Proper Air Circulation When on Road?

While on-road the dirt and dust can be cleaned with a blower without the necessity to use water or a cleaner. However, your flyscreen is going to need lots of cleaning as it will be exposed to an open environment. All kinds of bugs and tar will accumulate all over it. Using Camco Bug and Tar Cutter is the best way to clean your caravan blinds and flyscreens. It is biodegradable and quickly loosens up even the most stubborn marks of grease or stains.

How to Clean a Caravan Roof, Walls and Interiors When You Return After a Trip?

Once the trip is over, you must be willing to take a good long nap on your lovely bed. But if you are going to park your RV and do that then no you shouldn’t. Or else you will expose your Caravan to a chance of permanent damages due to all the dust and accumulations it had during the trip.

  • The beauty of your vehicle is as necessary as your relaxation. Properly cleaning Jayco Caravan is very important.
  • Cleaning caravan roofs, walls, and accessories inside and out with the right Cleaning Product takes very little time, and you can then rush to have a long peaceful nap.
  • The best way to clean a caravan roof from all kinds of tree sap and road grime accumulated is with extendable brushes dipped in foam water.
  • Windows and wheels are going to be the dirtiest parts after the roof. You must take care of removing all the mud from the wheel and alloy, so it doesn’t rot before its age.
  • For cleaning your awnings, and annexes the best way is using Camco Pro-StrengthAwning Cleaner. It is apt for cleaning the interior, exterior, sides, and edges. For tips on cleaning awning in 5 easy steps, read our previous blog. We also have a blog to help you understand how to clean your annexe properly.
  • Camco Mildew Stain Remover can help in removing caravan stains on the roof.
  • Clogged Bathroom may not be visible, but it happens. Cleaning pipes and emptying them will be good for hygiene.
  • Scrubbing off tiles and fittings and drying them off by airing is also good to avoid mildew and moulds.
  • Furnishings can be cleaned with the regular cleaners that you use at your home.
  • The kitchen equipment must be cleaned thoroughly. You can take time out and do this separately, but make sure to do it before parking it again.
  • One crucial key is to wash top-down, if done otherwise, the gravity will act, and dirt will flow down, making the bottoms untidy.
  • Black Streak Remover will assist in clearing the black marks.
  • Cleaning your Caravan with the proper cleaning products available in the market helps in keeping it clean without putting much labour.
  • Investing in Ladder, extendable brushes and right cleaning products is still inexpensive than spraining a muscle or two while playing superman.
  •  Jockey wheel raising the back of Caravan helps the water on top to easily slide off on its own. Noteworthy, however, that raising front can result in all the garbage sliding off and getting stuck in wipers and bonnet openings in the front bottom.
  •  You should avoid fixing anything by yourself and contact trained technicians for proper and safe installations.

Cleaning RV can be adopted as a habit, so when you plan a trip, it won’t be a task but merely a formality. A clean RV will be healthy and hygienic too. Its value will remain increased, and its lifetime will improve also.

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