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International Tourists Prefer Caravan Parks and Aussie Road Trips to Luxurious Hotels in Australia

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Camping and caravanning in Australia has traditionally witnessed more participation from the domestic market. But it seems that international tourists, especially the Chinese, have taken a liking to the outdoor adventure in this country. This has led to a trend of increasing number of foreign visitors choosing caravan parks and camping sites to luxurious hotels. It seems that they want to escape the hustles and bustles of city life for enjoying amidst nature’s bountiful offerings.

Caravan parks have come a long way and are no longer just about pitching a tent on a “good site” at the camping grounds. While you can still camp at the sites, the entire park is properly integrated with the latest amenities, technology, and facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. For those who wish to have regular accommodation options in the parks, they can always opt for cabins instead of setting up a full-wall caravan awning or a full caravan annexe. Although most international tourists prefer cabins, they would be able to enjoy the natural landscape better if they camped up near their caravan.

Caravan and Camping Association NSW chief executive Lyndal Gray shared her views with The Daily Telegraph on the increasing use of caravan parks and off-road accommodation by international tourists. She said, “Parks now offering everything from “basic two-man tents up to luxury five-star cabins right on the waterfront. While Chinese tourists are leading the charge there was great opportunity to tap into the American, Canadian and European market. A lot of work is being done to entice Chinese and other international tourists to take road holidays in Australia.”

In order to assist Chinese tourists better, Chinese language tools including basic greetings in Mandarin and information sheets for Chinese guests in simplified Chinese have been provided at the parks. The sole aim of this effort is to make everything more accessible and user friendly for the foreign guests. Most parks are even working on a Chinese version of their websites so that it becomes easy for tourists to get the required information and make their bookings accordingly.

Not only are such trends opening up lucrative opportunities for Australia’s tourism sector, but it is also providing immense scope for caravan rentals as well as an increase in the number of caravan awnings for sale. These offer cheaper accommodation options with the freedom to put up camp anywhere as long as the ground is levelled and the surrounding is clean enough. With various options available for caravan awnings and annexes, ranging from basic amenities to full-fledged constructions, tourists can get the homely comfort that they seek.

Caravanning is turning out to be a big business in the country and is a highly profitable sector with immense prospects in the near future. The industry itself has been evaluated to have a value of $9 billion by 2020. So you can understand the market potential that is gradually opening up for caravanning. Prices could increase with demand, so if you have not bought your caravan awning / annexe already, then make sure you get one for your caravan soon.

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