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How to Jump Start Your Caravan if The Battery Dies Out

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Most of the things today run on electricity, either on a continuous supply or on the stored electricity. Electricity is stored in the batteries and these batteries have become a very important part of our lives, being used in our mobile phones, portable speakers, watches etc.

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Our vehicles, although run on fuel the rest of the auxiliary functions run on batteries. The worst part of batteries, they die once the store electricity is consumed and that might happen on a camping trip. Well if it happens you need not panic, a jump start would save the day for you.

How to Jump Start a dead battery

The best and the most popular way of resurrecting a dead battery is by jump starting it. All you need to do is a jump start cable and an extra car! Well, you can’t drive an extra car for contingency, but you could always request someone to stop by and help you jumpstart your car.

● Once you have another car, park the 2 cars head-on (with enough distance for the jump start cable to connects the 2 batteries). Now you need to connect the two batteries with the jump start cable. A jump start cable is basically a pair of cables- black and red.

● Attach the red cable to the red (positive) terminal of the dead battery (bad car) and attach the black cable to a metal part (which should not be a moving part and shouldn’t be connected to an electrical component). This would ground the electricity.

● Now connect the black cable to the black (negative) terminal and the red cable to the red (positive) terminal of the good battery (good car).

● Start the engine of the good car and let it run for 2 to 5 minutes and after that start the engine of the car with the dead battery, and there you are.

● Do not shut down the engines and remove the black cable which is connected to the metal piece in the bad car and then remove the red cable from the positive terminal of the battery of the bad car. Make sure these 2 ends do not touch each other while you remove the red cable followed by the black cable from the good battery (good car).

The best alternative to an extra car is a jump starter kit. It is like a power bank of your mobile which you could carry along and jump-start your battery whenever it dies out.

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