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How to Maintain a Cool Environment Inside Your Caravan Annexe

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No matter how luxurious and spacious your caravan annexe may be, it would be of no use if the interior is pretty hot. It would not be possible for you to sit inside for even a few minutes. The thing with annexes is that they are usually made from water resistant fabrics and these materials can trap heat inside if proper ventilation is not provided for it. Apart from adding ventilation, it would be better if you could get as much shade as possible so that the air inside the annexe gets less chances of heating up.

Cool Caravan Annexe

Here are some valuable tips for maintaining a cool environment inside your caravan annexe.

Try To Erect Your Annexe in a Shade

This is the easiest way to ensure cooling inside the annexe. When you park your caravan, try to find a spot that has some natural cover which would protect the annexe from direct sunlight. This will give less chances for the air inside the annexe to heat up. But make sure that you have enough open space around the annexe so that air may flow without much obstruction.

Open Up Those Windows and Doors

If you keep the doors and windows closed, the warm air will circulate inside and increase the temperature. It would be better if you open them up and allow proper ventilation for the annexe. You can use meshes when you are in an area that has a lot of bugs or insects so that you can allow ventilation while keeping the menacing bugs out. There are annexes that have large sized windows and doors. It would be really beneficial to acquire such annexes as they allow better ventilation.

Avoid Keeping Any Heating Medium Inside the Annexe

You would want to cook food in the comfort of your annexe but that would not be such a good idea. By heating up a barbeque inside or by cooking inside, you would only raise the internal temperature and you would increase the risk of fire if the heat was not managed properly. If you have to cook inside, then make sure that the windows and doors are open and you have adequate safety measures with you.

Use Annexes Made From Materials that Support Cooling

Technology has blessed us with advancements in fabrics and materials wherein it is possible to get annexes made from materials that support cooling. These materials prevent the internal temperature from being raised excessively and also allow proper ventilation and this helps to maintain a more or less cool environment inside the annexe.

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