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How to Maintain Rubber Slide-Out Seals in Caravans

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Rubber Slide-Out Seals

During your annual caravan maintenance and cleaning ritual, the easiest thing that gets completed in the check-list is rubber slide-out seal. This is an important component because it allows the proper extension / retraction of the components. Without proper maintenance and periodic lubrication, it could cause problems in the functioning of the system and the issues could aggravate over time if left unchecked.

There are many commercial products out there which claim to solve any problems related to slide-out seals. But in my personal opinion, the best solution involves an old sock and baby powder. Don’t be shocked. This is not a joke. In fact, this particular method has worked better than most commercial products. Both of the basic requirements are easy to procure and their usage is safe.

Put a little baby powder on one end of the sock. Tap it a little to make sure the powder enters the fabric properly. Now rub this end of the sock on the seal and slide the sock all the way to the bottom. The purpose of this activity is to thoroughly coat the seal with the baby powder. Repeat the procedure until the seal has been coated uniformly in the powder. This is for the inner slide out seals.

For the outer slide out seals, you need to use a ladder. The ladder would help you to reach those high and hard to reach places along the seal. Dab the sock with more baby powder and then rub it along the length of the gasket till a uniform coating of baby powder has been applied on to it.

With that taken care of, you should have absolutely no trouble operating the slide (extension /retraction). It is good to rub the seal with baby powder every once in a while to make sure the movement is smooth. Dust the seals with baby powder mandatorily before using it after a long period. With a little effort, you should be able to keep the slide functioning smoothly throughout.

The baby powder prevents the gasket (seal) from sticking to the inner wall. When you access the slide after a long period, then it is possible that the gaskets stick a little. Using baby powder will lubricate it to the point that the movement becomes free without any obstruction being felt in the process.

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