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XTS provides you with a simple, yet easy solution to ensure your vehicle is fully equipped and ready to tow. With experts and service team conveniently placed all around Australia our XTS all-in-one mobile installation service is offered Australia Wide.

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Services Available

Mobile Installation Service

Our mobile installation service covers most areas of Australia. Forget the inconvenience of leaving your car at a workshop, let us come to you!

Roof Racks

Need more storage and dont want to take up space inside your vehcile or compromise on comfort? Securely stow it on your roof racks.

UHF Radios

Vital for communicating on a road trip, UHF radio upgrades allow you to be warned of hazards ahead or call for assistance if required.

Rear View Systems

You wouldn't drive without a rear view mirror, so why tow a caravan when you can't see behind you? Rear view cameras are an essential part of your towing setup.

Towing Mirrors

Your vehicle's side mirrors do not provide adequate field of view when towing a wide caravan. Towing mirrors offer a much wider range giving you peace of mind.

Electric Brake Controllers

When you apply the brake in your vehicle, a proportional amount of force is applied to the caravan or trailer brakes, ensuring a smooth and safe towing experience.

Battery Upgrades

Lithium and Dual battery upgrades reduce weight whilst providing more power and a higher capacity, provides you with all the juice for a weekend away.

Anderson Plugs

Makes it easy to charge your accessories on the road, as well as powering your Electronic Stability Control for your van.

Anti-Theft System

The smart Anti-Theft System will apply full brake force and sound a loud alarm if someone tries to drive off with your van.