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The Perfect Caravan Awning for You is Just 4 Steps Away

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Perfect Caravan Awning

The right caravan awning can make a lot of difference when it comes to its usage. Such awnings are more than just three sided tents, they are your personal space and you should not settle for anything less than the best. Surely you can try to find “compatible” awnings that are somewhat manageable but for a truly awesome experience, you need to find an awning that is nothing less than “perfect” for your caravan. Here are 4 steps to get you started with your selection.

Step #1: Measure Your Caravan

This is the most important step in the selection process as every aspect of the awning will depend on this. You need to take the exact measurements as per your RV’s structure and decide the best dimensions that should do justice for your requirements.

If you have no clue as to what to measure and how to measure it, then ask the manufacturers to send over a team who will not only take measurements but they will also suggest you some really good inclusions which should give you more perspectives to think upon.

In case you are planning on purchasing one from the market, then you should seek help in understanding what needs to be measured and how you should measure it such that you are able to explain it to the vendors. However, it is suggested that caravan awnings should be customized as per personal specifications to make it really suitable for your vehicle.

Awning sizes largely depend on the length of the caravan and more importantly your budget. The bigger the size of your caravan, the bigger will be the awning. So consider these two factors also.

Step #2: Select the Appropriate Material

The fabrics for awnings vary a lot in terms of weight, texture, feel and overall looks. You can start with thin polyester fabric which is the lightest awning material and will also suit low budgets. If you have the funds, then you can always go for top quality solution-dyed acrylic, awning fabrics. Vinyl and canvas are also good alternatives to consider when selecting the fabric. However, this decision is completely based on the type of use that the awning will be put to.

If you are an infrequent traveller then you can go with lightweight and cheap variants as they can survive less usage. But if you are a travel enthusiast and frequently plan trips / holidays, then it would be wise to get the best quality materials as they have greater longevity and they can survive the harsh conditions of the road better.

Resistance to water is also an important factor that you need to consider as you need to keep the water out whenever it rains. This will be a great help in situations when you need to step under a shade to escape sudden downpours.

Step #3: Check Out the Possible Designs

Do you need a porch or a full-fledged awning? This is one question that you should definitely ask yourself as most people are usually undecided on this aspect. A full awning will more than double your living space. Once you have made a decision, you need to evaluate your needs again for selecting the right frame. While steel frames are often used as the standard, you can also go for aluminium if you need a lighter construction. It depends completely on your needs and your caravan. Just spend some time checking out the various designs and select one after you have compared the available variants.

Step #4: Choose Your Awning Manufacturer Carefully

There are several awning manufacturers in the market who have some really good designs. But merely the presence of good designs does not mean that the manufacturer is the most suitable one for you. You need to identify whether you are being given adequate presales and post-sales support. It would be a wise step to check up on the reviews of other customers so that you can get a better understanding of the quality of the services. In case you are not able to install the awning on your own, you should ask the manufactures / dealers to assist you in installing it correctly. Don’t decide in haste. Just consider every factor carefully before making your move.

Now that you have gone through the suggestions, you should have a better understanding of the selection process and what it takes to get your perfect caravan awning. Research is the key to getting the right product for you. So keep checking out the trends and try to acquire knowledge about maintaining and caring for the awning. It would be good to make a checklist and then use it as a criteria for selecting the best caravan awning for you.

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