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Types of tent poles and pegs for your outdoor camping

Forest camps are fast becoming a popular sport among youngsters and children who get a chance to explore the world outside their regular activities. The main aim of the camps is to make them independent and be responsible for themselves. However, safety should be maintained whenever one goes on such camps and this is the responsibility of the course instructor or the camp leader. No camp is complete without staying in the tent and making a  sturdy tent is an art in itself.

First, the various components of the tent should be understood, which are:

  • Pegs: Choose your pegs, depending on the weather and the topography of the region you are choosing or camping. For instance, hooked pegs are fine for firm ground and moderate climate. However, that is not always the case. It is important to balance the requirement of keeping the weight and the bulk down with the need to hold the tent down in extreme weather conditions. Accordingly, you can use steel pegs, plastic pegs, titanium pegs, screw pegs, alloy pegs, and biodegradable pegs.
  • Ground sheets: These are an important part of the tent that protects you from cold, heat or rain. Depending on the weather condition and the terrain, one can use a polythene spread below the tent groundsheet to keep the tent clean. Few people also choose to carry a picnic rug with a waterproof backing.
  • Poles: There are two main types of poles that are popularly used-bendy poles and rigid poles. Bendy poles are more flexible and are lighter. Rigid poles are generally more robust and durable in any weather conditions. There are different types of poles, suitable for different weather conditions. These include composite bendy poles, metal bendy poles, and rigid poles.
  • Guy ropes: They are synthetic cords that hold the tents tight even when it is raining or soaking. These ropes fix the main outer tent or flysheet via a metal or plastic ring. They are often attached to a rubber ring to absorb shock. The adjuster helps in keeping the tension right. You can always loosen o tighten it according to your requirement.

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