Camping Tarps

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    About Our Camping Tarps

    It is a great idea for you to replace your tent with a tarp at times when you want to breath in open and watch the nature at its best from close. A tarp offers endless advantages including its openness, light weight, versatility and its handling during adverse weather conditions. While in a tent, there is mostly a dark wall between you and the outside world, you can actually breathe under an open sky on opting for a tarp. Our tarps range in weight from under 5 oz to a little over 15 oz.

    Considering the fact that most tarp campers utilize their trekking poles and sticks from the forest to support the tarp, they hardly need to carry any considerable amount of weight. Moreover, when it rains it is really easy for you to erect the tarp and store your pack under it. A wet tarp dries out instantly and it is never an issue to cook under a wet tarp so, these are ample reasons why you should utilise a tarp during rainy season.

    What’s more? Our versatile tarps can be set up in a variety of different configurations. During the day you can rig it as a simple roof over your head, while at night, the regular ‘A’ frame configuration is good to go. And then there are a number of more configurations for your tarp to enable a more open setup with a wider view.