Free Standing Annexe

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About Our Free Standing Annexes

Xtend Outdoors offers custom made free standing annexes for your caravan that fit the bill for all the popular makes of caravans. These free standing caravan annexes are made out of top quality fabric using cutting edge technology, which ensures their sturdiness and a long life.

The custom created caravan annexes we avail you, are made out of superior quality fabric having a special finish to create a barrier layer resistant to water, oil & soil. Additionally, it makes sure that your caravan annexes can be directly rinsed and easily wiped clean of any grime or dirt. The annexes are easy to dry, once wiped and are also resistant to any mould & mildew.

These are specially crafted to perfectly suit the campers & caravans of all prominent and known brands. Light in weight, these designs are intelligently designed by industry experts to create good value.

These world class free standing annexes are incredibly adaptable to all the major motorhomes, side opening camper vans, high tops, rising roof ‘vans and pop-tops to always offer you something that suits your camper, no matter which type you own. Enjoy all the space and convenience of your personal transport using these beautifully created free standing annexes to make the most of your camping experience.