Curved Roof Rafters

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    About Our Curved Roof Rafters

    We bring you the Curved Roof Rafters so you can prevent your awning fabric from flapping in the wind and to reduce its water retention during the rains. This amazing product works wonders when used in combination with the Anti Flap Kits.

    All the different brands of awnings are made up of different awning fabrics. Regardless of the type of fabric used, these Curved roof rafters quickly carry away the rain water from your awning. Simple to fit and adjustable, our curved rafters are user friendly and easily installed. You can add one of these to your existing awning in a matter of seconds. Fitting in place in no time, these are affordable and effective solutions to keeping your rollout awning from flapping, sagging or holding water. While the small sized awnings can make go with just one (by placing the curved roof rafter in the middle and the deflappers, one – on either side), the larger ones can even need two or more. You can set them up in position within a few seconds and these can also be used to hang light stuff, if need be. For example to dry off your towel.