Tie Down Straps

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    About Our Tie Down Straps

    Want to prevent your awning from the annoying and damaging flaps and the costly rips and tears? Protect them from these evils with the use of these expedient Awning Tie-Down straps. The tie down strapping system lets you hook it over the roller tube of your awning completely rotating the tube and keeping the awning fabric tightly fastened at its place. The cutting-edge tie down straps we offer you are easy and fast to unhook and take them down. This keeps the pressure down on the main support rather on the fabric, preventing the fabric to separate from the side wall. A standard kit of the tie down straps we provide you with, comprises of one or more long straps that attach the top of your awning to the ground and all the accessories including hooks, spiral stakes and poly tie-down cords.

    We avail you with an exciting range of awning tie down kits that fit well with all types and sizes of the awnings. These nicely serve the job of keeping your awning safe during any bad weather conditions. The awning tie down straps help keep your awning stable during such times. Never let a bad weather ruin your camping experience, when you can easily keep yourself safe and dry while staying inside your caravan awning.