Awning Extension Rooms

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    About Our Extension Rooms

    You can find no better way to increase your living space multiple times than Awning Extension Rooms, which are specially designed screened “Add a rooms”. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any radical change such as drilling, to be made. It is really easy to install or uninstall these extension rooms and you can also store these out of your sight when not in use, with the help of a lightweight and comfortable storage bag that comes with it. Our lightweight “add a rooms” are uniquely designed to fit the Carefree and other popular brands of traditional patio awnings. With no poles, rafters, permanent fasteners or fixtures required to attach to your coach, these are fast and easy to use.

    When you use an RV awning, you get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying in its protective shade. At Xtend Outdoors, we avail you with everything you need to operate your awning perfectly. You can find a vast variety of replacement parts, accessories and awning extensions. All of these can be availed at an affordable price and in designs that follow the current market trends.


    Add an additional room to your caravan awning with an extension to give your family and friends their private space when camping. An awning extension room is a sure shot way to have more fun with your closed ones. It does offer the extra space to relax, chat, read or play dumb charades with your family guests but also provides complete protection from insects and mosquitoes, keeping you fit and safe to enjoy your excursion.

    If you are still wondering to whether buy the caravan awning extension room or not, here are its multiple benefits to help you make the right buying decision:

    First of all, add a room to caravan awning with an extension to give your family more place to enjoy when out in the air. Even it could be a private space for your guests. It could be a playroom for you all or one could steal some time away from others to read a book in the extra room. Wouldn’t be your guests impressed with their own space when out for camping? Of, course they would! So, definitely surprise them with an awning extension room on your next camping trip.

    Secondly, caravan awning extension rooms are an excellent way of ensuring that your guests or family aren’t bothered by insects or mosquitoes at night or flies during the day. A mosquito or an insect bite could ruin your entire plan, especially if the affected ones are the kids. Therefore, make sure you have the protection of an awning extension room for your additional members.

    More about Xtend Outdoors

    Based in Queensland, we are a family-run business with more than a decade-long experience in manufacturing superior quality of awning products. We can assure you to present you the most comprehensive range of awnings in entire Australia.