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    How to pick the best Caravan Shade Screens?

    Picking up the right caravan shade screen is as difficult a decision as picking up the right on-road adventure trip where you can take your family too. Pricing, accommodation and quality matters in both the cases; Afterall, you would certainly not want a family vacation on the wheels that is uncomfortable for them. Caravan awning shade screens not only provide you with the privacy you deserve from the world outside when you are on a vacation, but it also provides you with the shade when you halt the journey under the blazing sun for a short break. So, choose wisely. Here’s a small checklist to help you do that:

    • Select the correct style and size
    • Screens that suit cassette or box awning
    • Screens to suit roll-out awnings

    Size matters

    Be very clear about your requirements and how many people you would like to accommodate on a given day. Choose the size accordingly. The size of awnings differs in Roll-out versus Box annexes. Remember, they are not interchangeable. So, be very clear which one you would want. You would certainly not want to invest in something that you do not need. Roll out awnings such as Carefree or Dometic require a screen with a large diameter spline than Box awnings such as Fiamma.

    Screens to choose from

    Side screens with long walls: The screen size can be customized for best shelter and can range from 10 to 19 ft long. it must be mentioned here that the screen size should be measured as per the awning size which is measured between the centre of the legs and not the awning fabric.  A rope is sewn into the edge which slides onto the track on the awning. The eyelets or D-rings at the bottom edge get pegged into the ground. It all depends on the brand that you choose from as to how much shade the screens provide.

    End wall screens (rear and front): There are two categories in this screen type:

    a) Pop-top: Thee are used when the awning cross base is close to horizontal. It is very usual in most pop-tops.

    b) Caravan screen: They are usually made with an angled/sloped top, which is designed to approximate your awning roof slope when attached to a caravan of full height.

    More About Xtend Outdoors

    Xtend Outdoors is a family-run business operating from Queensland. We specialize in offering high-quality annexes, screen shades and awning that help enhance your outdoor camping experience. We ensure that you get the best awning shade screens for sale, without compromising with their durability.