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    About Our Other Covers

    Protect your investment by using an efficient caravan cover. The caravan covers primarily serve to safeguard your caravan from the potential damage caused by constant exposure to the scorching sun, rain, hailstorms and any other adversities. The caravan covers are meant to keep the caravans looking like new for years together. Xtend Outdoors presents their exquisite range of caravan accessories and caravan covers for you to safeguard your motorhomes, caravan campers, pop-tops. Some of the caravan covers can safeguard the entire caravans while some specifically cover and protect individual parts of caravans. Depending upon your specific need and the type of your motor home or caravan camper, you get to choose from a sweeping variety of covers, we offer.

    The high quality fabric of these covers is water resistant and breathable. All the moisture condensation that forms inside the caravan can easily escape and your caravan is spared from any damage caused by damp. With a high quality fabric of our caravan cover, it performs well to keep your caravan safe throughout the damp winter months, so you can enjoy a caravan as good as new in the spring season. Our covers for caravans and RVs are designed to be perfectly fit for almost all the caravan types and models.