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Aria Inflatable 4×4 Awning

Our Aria Inflatable 4×4 Awning is a unique way to get protection quickly and easily when you’re out on the road for a day trip or a weekend away. The heavy duty material gives great protection from rain and sun, and the sturdy tubes are inflated in moments using the included hand pump. With no awkward poles to worry about, setting up is a breeze. Wider than traditional 4WD awnings, the Aria Inflatable 4WD Awning is a great, lightweight way to have a sheltered area when you’re out and about.

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Inflatable Bag Awning (Optional Walls)

Don’t waste time fiddling around with poles, make the most of your time away, with the easy, quick to set up Inflatable Bag Awning: Instantly adding privacy and protection from the elements whilst on your camping adventure. 

It simply slides into your sail track and uses sturdy inflatable tubes made out of waterproof, lightweight polyester. The awning inflates within moments from the one valve using the included hand pump or 12v electric pump. This awning is simply one of the easiest and quickest awnings to set up and pack down and weighs only 10kgs.

One of the fantastic benefits of this product is having the option to attach multiple walls which can be purchased separately. The walls include 2 walls and 1 long wall which you would use as the door, all which feature three layered windows with mesh, clear plastic and polyester privacy panel.

You can also purchase the zip-in interchangeable walls which allow you to attach the Inflatable Tent and Inflatable Swag. You can access both the tent & swag from inside the awning and can enjoy the all weather living area. 

The Inflatable Bag Awning packs away into a heavy duty nylon PVC bag which mounts to the roof of your Camper. 

For instructions on how the model works see our video below:

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Art Shade Walls

Colour your world with our Art Shade Walls! These shade walls come in a variety of lengths
depending on the size of your awning, providing a fantastic option for an ultra fast setup on short trips. Available with a design of your choice, this shade wall is a fun way to add privacy and protection while making a statement when holidaying in your van! To set up, simply slide the wall into the sail track on your awning barrel. These Shade Walls provide 92% protection from the sun and offer superb privacy and ventilation. Add some fun and colour to your setup with this awesome Shade Wall!

Xtend Outdoors is also proud to have an exclusive collaboration with Sunshine Coast artist
Michelle Pike. You can now have one of Michelle’s unique and colourful pieces adorning your van.

On a Roll out awning, (Carefree/Dometic/Aussie Traveller), shade walls are listed under the awning size, which is measured centre of arm to centre of arm.  Please note that all fabric on these awnings are approx. 300mm or 1 foot shorter than the arm to arm measurement. EG: 16ft awning has a 15ft fabric.

For a Cassette awning, (Thule/Fiamma/Dometic), ensure that you order one (1) foot larger than the cassette awning.  EG: To order a wall for a 3m Cassette awning,   approx 10ft, you would need to request awning size as 11ft.

Please be aware when ordering your shade walls from our web site, to match your awning size to the listing, not your fabric size. Please use our Shade Wall Order form.

Also please be aware that some of the designs only suit a 4:3 format and not the wider format on wider awnings. We can also do your own print for an additional $100.00

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End Bed Fly

Camper Bed Fly

If you’re looking for bed protection and prevention from weather damage, the Camper Bed Fly is the product for you!

It’s easy to install with all poles, ropes and pegs provided to secure down and protect your bed. Due to it’s heavy duty vinyl roof and mesh surrounds, it creates privacy and shade while also limiting condensation and excess outside noise while camping.

With a nice, slick white or black bag, it’s easy to roll up and out and will only add to the beauty of your Camper.

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The Australia Wide Shade Annexe

Our Burke & Wills Shade Annexe provides a functional solution that creates privacy and protection from the sun’s rays, whilst being so easy to set up that you can take it anywhere.
Features include improved ventilation, thermal insulation, high tear & tensile strength and all annexes are manufactured from fire retardant materials meting the Australian standard. If you are looking for an annex that will extend your living space without compromising your view, the Burke & Wills Shade Annexe is the one you need!