Australia Wide Half Annexe

Australia Wide Half Annexe


  Three layered windows & doors

  Heavy-duty canvas & vinyl

Double stitched

  Interchangeable panels


  Australian manufactured

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Product Description

The Australia Wide Half Annexe is a great alternative to our full-sized Australia Wide Annexe, when you only need a smaller enclosed space, or when vent placement prevents a fully enclosed Annexe. However smaller doesn’t mean we’ve made any compromises on quality – it’s still made with our heavy-duty canvas upper, and durable vinyl base for ease of cleaning, and includes triple-layer windows and doors, with each consisting of a mesh panel to let the breeze flow through, clear plastic to stop the rain, and a canvas privacy panel to block the light or close your Annexe entirely. Xtend Outdoors’ WallSwap technology allows you to swap any panel of your Annexe, so you can have the doors placed anywhere around your Half Annexe.

The Australia Wide Half Annexe sets up easily and quickly and each wall packs into its own bag for transport.

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