C-Clip Curved Rafter (used in the Porch)
Clip Curved Rafter

C-Clip Curved Rafter (used in the Porch)

Price $65.00

Xtend Outdoors brings you these high quality Curved Roof Rafters to prevent your awning fabric from flapping in the wind and to reduce the water retained on your awning during rainy periods. This amazing product works wonders when used in combination with the Anti Flap Kit. Fitting in place in no time, the Curved Roof Rafter is an affordable and effective solution to keeping your rollout awning from flapping, sagging or holding water.
While the small sized awnings can make do with just one (by placing the Curved Roof Rafter in the middle and the deflappers on either side), the larger awnings can need two or more. Set up within a few seconds, these Rafters can be used to hang light stuff, if need be, for example a beach towel or clothing.
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