Porch / Full Van, End Reversible Shade Wall
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Porch / Full Van, End Reversible Shade Wall

Price $125.00

Create 92% shade with this Porch Front Shade Wall, that simply attaches to the porch by Velcro and pegs down to the ground. This product includes pegs elastic straps and a bag. The Front Porch Shade Wall is a standard size to fit all sizes but may leave a little bit exposed to the weather on some sides. If you require a perfectly fitting shade wall we can custom manufacture one at an additional cost

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Product Description

DIMENSIONS: 2400mm high at the rear end, 2100mm across the angle and 1930mm on the shorter front end. They are supplied in a bag with 4 x bungy straps and 4 x pegs.

These are generic end walls designed with all the fittings you need for both the reversible porch end walls and either end from your anti-flap kit or awning arms to provide that additional privacy and shade.

Additional Information

Dimensions 2400 × 2100 × 1930 cm

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