Villa 650

Villa 650

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Villa 650 is a unique fixed tent that can be used throughout the year owing to its high durability and stability. With front panel variants available for this product, you can come up with your own combination.

The Isabella Villa is manufactured from the best materials which enables it to be used during summers as well as winters. The roof slope helps to prevent snow build up while the large windows and white curtains ensure proper illumination inside the villa. When you do not want such bright illumination, then you can cover the windows with the help of valves that are built into the material of the villa.

Isabella Villa is easy to install on your own. You can always use the services of your local dealer for getting it installed completely. The modules are assembled using fasteners which allow front modules to be replaced without removing the entire tent.

It can be applied to all vehicle sizes (there may be a need for Special arrangements in particular small trailers) which makes it really convenient. You can use simple grip trolley on or off as required, but requires a full backing (extra) where Isabella Villa requires no carriage. Isabella Villa can also be adapted as a standard mobile home with a maximum height of 265 cm.

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Product Description

  • Construct your own Villa with various modules
  • Perfect for Summer and Winter
  • Special Roof Pitch
  • Can be used for all vehicle sizes
  • Can be left standing without a car’s support
  • Dimensions are: Depth – 3 meters, Width – 5.5 or 6.5 meters
Accessories for mounting

Back L Shut off, inner roof, winter protection, gutter, hinged front panel with mosquito nets

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