Zip In Annexe Walls
Zip In Annexe Walls 1
Zip In Annexe Walls 2
Zip In Annexe Walls 3
Zip In Annexe Walls 5

Zip In Annexe Walls

Price $70.00$80.00

Xtend Outdoors is synonymous with innovation! We are proud to offer our customers the best quality products, which now includes these 5 interchangeable Annexe walls. With all panels the same size, you can now swap them around to suit your needs and style.The options include a canvas panel with a door, a clear PVC panel, a clear PVC panel with a door, a mesh panel and a mesh panel with a door. Manufactured from the highest quality canvas and vinyl, these are the most versatile Annexe walls on the market, providing many different setup options. Standard sizing means all of these panels are easily swapped with each other, offering you the ability to have a different configuration every time you set up your Annexe!

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Shade Panel

Zip In Shade Panel With Door, Zip In Shade Panel, Zip In Clear Panel With Door, Zip In Clear Panel

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