1.3m LED Strip Light

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The Lifestyle Ezy-Fit LED strip is very simple to set up, and is ideally suited to be used in tent awnings or anywhere you want to set up a light quickly. You can use the Velcro strips sewn into the back to quickly attach to a pole, or use the inbuilt sail track to slide straight into the channel of most awnings or annexes.
The light comes with both orange and white LEDs built into the single strip light; the white light is ideal when there are no bugs around, and the naturally bug-repellent orange light is ideal for when bugs are present. In fact the orange light reduces the presence of bugs by up to 90%!
- One strip contains both orange and white LEDs
- Easy to mount: Velcro attachment straps and handy inbuilt sail track
- IP68 waterproof rating means the lights are completely watertight (in fact they will run underwater)
- Waterproof locking DC connectors on all cables
- Heavy-duty, double insulated cables to prevent voltage drop, which results in brighter light
- Velcro attachment straps and handy inbuilt sail track
- Low power consumption ƒ?? can be left on all night without affecting your battery