HD Accessory Plate

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The RacksBrax HD Accessory Plate with a RacksBrax HD Hitch (sold separately) allows you to lock in or remove your recovery boards off your roof rack in less than 10 seconds. 
The fully engineered, lightweight powder-coated aluminium RacksBrax Accessory Plate suits most roof rack bars. See Specifications for compatibility list. 

You will also need to purchase:
  • MAXTRAX or TRED securing pins to fasten the boards to the RacksBrax Accessory Plate.
  • 2 x "T" brackets as a transition between the roof rack bars and the RacksBrax HD Hitch.

In some instances, HD RacksBrax Accessory Bars (sold separately) may be required for the Accessory Plate to increase the height of the recovery boards too allow for door clearance.

Refer to the RacksBrax Recovery Board Mounting Reckoner in specifications to determine if your vehicle requires Accessory Bars.


Compatible Boards: 

  • TRED Pro
  • ARB x TREDPro
  • TRED PRO 1100

The RacksBrax Accessory Bars may be required in combination with a RacksBrax Accessory Plate. Refer to the RacksBrax Recovery Board Mounting Reckoner to determine if your vehicle requires Accessory Bars.