How to Resolve Common Caravan Problems

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Common Caravan Problems

Your caravan is not invulnerable to damages or problems. It could run into one whether it is standing in the garage or on the road. You need to be prepared for resolving the common problems that can occur in the caravan. These general tips should help you to avoid running into trouble and get the issues fixed before they worsen.

Problem: Corrosion in the Frame

Corrosion in the Frame

Frame corrosions are caused due to bad maintenance and / or storing the caravan in a damp environment. The caravan needs to be checked for dirt accumulations and signs of rust so that the required measures may be taken on time. Clean the caravan regularly and apply good quality wax on the surface. Do not let dirt and mud accumulate anywhere. Also, make sure that it is stored in a dry environment to prevent rust and corrosions.

Problem: Slacking Sides

Slacking Sides

Slacking sides in caravan awnings are caused due to three possible reasons – badly tensioned awning, awning is too big for the caravan, or the caravan is placed wrongly. In all of these cases, you need to make sure that you get the right caravan awning with the correct dimensions so that it fits perfectly. Check the tension on the poles and correct them as needed. You also need to check that the distance from the lower panel of the awning to the ground is at least 12 cm. This will ensure that the rubber is fully utilized.

Problem: Damp Stained Awnings

Damp Stained Awnings

Damp stains occur on caravan awing fabrics if it was not allowed to dry completely and was packed away when wet. Stains will appear if the awnings have not been hung up for drying within 2-3 days of cleaning it. Prevent damp stains from occurring by ensuring that the awning fabric is completely dry and is stored in a dry and well ventilated environment. The storage place should have a somewhat even temperature to prevent damp stains from occurring. Also, make sure that you get really good quality caravan awning to minimize the chances of running into problems in the first place.

Problem: Awning Zip is Not Closing

Awning Zip is Not Closing

The awning zip runs into problems if the awing has been incorrectly erected or when the zip / stop end is worn out. Try moving the corner pegs to see if the zip starts moving again. Check for other relevant problems. If you feel that you are not able to solve the problem yourself, then contact the awning manufacturer for help and professional assistance.

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