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About Our Rollout Awning Vinyls

Xtend Outdoors introduces you to their second-to-none innovative rollout awning vinyl. Does your old awning vinyl look all worn out, leaky and damaged with intense heat under the sun and shrunken? Are you just not able to find the right awning to best-suit your caravan? No need to worry anymore! We brings you their one-off range of high quality rollout awning vinyls to solve all these problems. The amazing rollout awning vinyls we offer you are owned, designed and fabricated in Australia. These are quality tested to be made up of a superior water-proof and leak-proof material. These have a fine finish with no stitching visible anywhere on it.

All four sides of the vinyl are fully welded with a border to provide extra strength and durability to the anti-flap kit of your vinyl awning to prevent the material from curling. The UV rating of the high quality spline used, adds to the life of your awning. The best part about our rollout awning is that it is heavy duty and sturdy yet very light in weight to offer you all the convenience in all weather conditions throughout the year that you look for. The awning vinyl of a premium finish is easy to maintain and keep clean with regular and simple cleaning efforts.