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Simple Fixes for Essential Caravan Accessories

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Worried about managing repairs for your caravan accessories while being on the move? The problem with managing repairs during caravan trips is that you might not have easy access to a garage. Who knows when you might need to get it fixed? Sometimes the problem can be more serious that what it may seem. In such cases, you need to be aware of the ways in which the caravan accessories may be fixed.

Check out these simple fixes for your essential caravan accessories. These can be done while being on the move and also if your caravan is left standing in your own garage. With these small fixes, you can also save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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LPG Cylinders

Gas cylinders offer great convenience on the road, but if they are dangerous if left unchecked. You need to check them periodically and be vigilant for detecting possible leakage. The moment you find such signs, you need to act quickly and correctly to prevent fatal outcomes.


While the awning offers shade, comfort and a personal space, it can prove to be an unnecessary hassle if minor problems are left unchecked. You might feel that dirt accumulation on the fabric might not cause problems, but these things weaken the awning structure and you would not be able to enjoy the comfort that you expect from it.

TV/Radio Antenna

Portable entertainment is always desired while being on the move. When you have your very own caravan, then its always more enjoyable to have a TV or radio at your disposal. Check for signs of damage or incorrect functioning of the TV / radio antenna for avoiding issues with the system. This will ensure that you get uninterrupted entertainment throughout the trip.

Awning Extensions

Awning extensions are great additions to the conventional caravan awning. But they might get stuck or may not attach properly. It doesn’t take much to make sure that the extensions work properly. Applying a little wax to the zip should do the trick.


It is important for the caravan to be setup on level land. But when you are out in the wild, getting a perfectly levelled patch may not be feasible. What do you do in such cases? Use levelers of course. These come in different orientations and help to keep the caravan levelled on uneven ground.

Jockey Wheels

Jockey wheels are one of the most important components of a caravan and is responsible for keeping it connected safely to the towing vehicle. Without the jockey wheel, it would not be possible to tow it. If any problem is detected in it, then your caravan would be at a great risk of meeting with an accident. Fix it as soon as you come to know about the problem.

Leisure Batteries

Without leisure batteries, you won’t be able to operate the electrical equipment inside your caravan. Although it might not make things unbearable, but you will certainly have to give up certain luxuries to live without these batteries. Check them in time to avoid running out of battery charge completely.

Water Containers

Water is an important resource and running out of this essential resource can turn out to be a major problem. Make sure that you keep an eye out for problems with the water containers. Fix them immediately if you want to avoid running out of water completely with no readily available source nearby.

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