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The Best Caravan Annex Flooring Ideas

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On the campsite, you have parked the caravan, pulled out your awning or annex, you have got the shade, sides are covered, but what is missing in the whole outdoor setup? The annex flooring. When added, it automatically makes us feel complete.

Not just for the setup, annex flooring is crucial in many ways. Imagine sleeping or playing on a rough surface with stones or on the grass? There are chances of getting slipped, being injured, get mosquito bites all night, and many other possibilities. With flooring, you can have more comfort underfoot. And even have fewer chances of items getting lost as you can place everything on a preserved area. It reduces the chances of dirt tracks in the caravan and even eases dirt and water dispersion.

Caravan Annex Flooring Ideas

How to Choose the floor mat for your Caravan annex or Caravan Awning?

When choosing an outdoor floor mat for your caravan awning or annex, there are multiple options. Besides the size, here are some features to keep in mind while choosing:

Water Resistance

While camping, you can expect rainwater or some liquid spills on the mat. So it would be better to go for the mat which does not get damaged from water.


If the budget concerns you, there are any pocket-friendly options. So make sure to choose the durable and sturdy one.


Choose the mat for your caravan annex that does not add to the overall weight. A lightweight mat is ideal for carrying for camping.


Adding the caravan annex floor is said to ease your camping, not double your efforts. So try choosing the one that does not take much time to install and fits securely to the ground.


As either the floor will be grass or an uneven part of the land, so make sure the annex mat you choose is made with sturdy and breathable materials that could keep away the weather elements and does not damage the grass.

Caravan Annexe Flooring at Xtend Outdoors

Being the topmost manufacturer of Caravan Awnings, Caravan Annexes, and all the Caravan Accessories in Australia, Xtend Outdoors also provides the best mattings for caravan annexes. Apart from the wide variety of annexes and awnings, we also offer a varied range of Caravan annex flooring. Let us look at those.

Best Caravan Annexe Matting

Rubber Multi Matting

Rubber Multi Matting - Xtend Outdoors

Our rubber mat is one of the best, lightweight, comfortable annex matting and outdoor flooring options. It offers so much and sits securely on the ground without any pegging or tying. The annex mat feels softer on the feet to walk, and its rubbery texture provides a hard grip to the feet that prevents anyone from slipping or falling. It even consists of a mesh that allows the water and sand to drop off easily. The material of this annex mat is breathable that does not kill or even damage the grass when spread out.

Muk Mats

Muk Mats - Xtend Outdoors

When camping, the thought of a dirty annex and caravan could spoil the whole trip. You can prevent the dirt from outdoors from entering the caravan and annex by placing a muk mat. Our muk mats are synthetic grass camping mats specially designed to remove the dirt, mud, sand from your shoes and feet.

Vinyl Floor

Caravan Annex Flooring Ideas - Xtend Outdoors

If looking for a sturdy and comfortable annex flooring option, then our vinyl floor is the one that will fit your requirements. The vinyl flooring is lightweight, easy to fit, and can be customized according to the size required. It is even easy to clean with a mixture of apple cider vinegar & water.

Mesh Floor

Caravan Annex Flooring Ideas

To ensure the area is sand and dirt-free while camping, place our mesh matting on the outdoors of the caravan. The mesh floor matting is perfect for the outdoors as it is lightweight, simple to spread, versatile, and easy to clean. The mat has layers of weaving that allow sand, water, dirt to fall through and stop them from coming up from the ground.

C-Gear Multi Matting

C-Gear Multi Matting - Xtend Outdoors

One of the preferable camping mats. The mat contains multi-layer weave technology that allows the dirt to fall off easily and not come up from the ground. Our C-Gear mat is made with durable, breathable, sturdy materials with very few chances to tear, offers 90% UV protection, and can be used as windbreak or shade sail.


While you head out on the journey with your loved ones, caravan matting is the most convenient and essential addition to your list. Having a comfortable living space for relaxing and doing various activities enhances the overall camping experience for everyone.


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