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Things To Do Before Leaving a Campsite

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It’s one thing to set up camp, but while leaving, we often tend to forget some important things that need to be done. As a camper, it is our responsibility to ensure that the place is left clean and in proper condition – just like it was presented to you. Don’t wait for the last minute to check the things that need to be done. Create a check list and keep it with you at all times to make sure that nothing is left out. You can even get your checklist laminated to avoid getting it smudgy or damaged.

If you haven’t prepared a checklist till now, then use the following pointers to help you in highlighting the most important things that need to be done.

  • Put out the campfire with water or sand before leaving. Double check to see that no splinters are left as dry wood or grass can catch fire and spread to other areas.
  • Empty the fresh- and waste-water containers and clean out any toilet cassette in an appropriate place
  • If you have brought a cylinder, then turn it off and keep it at a safe place till the time you begin loading all of your stuff in the caravan.
  • Lower the jockey wheel and lock it in place. If you are planning on leaving the campsite with your caravan, then this might not be needed.
  • Make sure that you roll up the awning and make sure that everything is in place.
  • Don’t forget to pick up and store the pegs that are used for tying down the awning.
  • Connect the electrical plug(s) and the stabiliser system.
  • Check whether the towing vehicle and the caravan are in proper working condition.

These are the basic things that need to be checked every time you leave the campsite. Prepare a checklist of these tasks and keep them handy before going on your next trip.

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