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Top 5 Apps That Every Caravanner Needs in Australia

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Apps for Caravanners

I am sure that you might have heard elders speaking about the challenges on the road and the way they used to rough it out on a road trip with minimal communication and digital assistance available for them. Well, the times have changed. With the advanced technological integration and digital communication facilities that are in existence today, it has become fairly easy to manage day to day tasks without any hassle.

Most of you use smartphones and you must be accustomed to using apps for common tasks. Apps do make your life quite easy and with the vast collection of apps available, it is hard not to find one for your needs. When you are on the road or intend to go on a trip, then there are certain things that you might want to carry along just to be safe. These include maps for direction, bi-lingual dictionaries (to help with local conversations in case you are not familiar with the language / dialect), GPS (to help you monitor your position in real time), entertainment (to keep yourself from getting bored), and communication devices (to stay in touch with others). All of this and more can be managed with a single smartphone and relevant apps.

Here is a list of the top 5 apps that every caravanner should have with them while touring Australia in their caravan.

Google Maps

Google Maps


Google Maps is a really effective app which not only helps you to navigate and plan your trips, but you can also track your movements in real time. It also offers satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives. If you need help with directions, the Google Maps is your best friend. It offers voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking. Don’t worry if you get stuck in a road block or other obstacles.

The app is capable of providing information pertaining to live traffic conditions, incident reports, and automatic rerouting to find the best route. Being powered by Google, you can expect nothing but the best features in this simple yet powerful app. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to go out on a caravan trip in Australia without Google Maps.

Appy Travels – Australia

Appy Travels - Australia

Appy Travels is a popular travel app which has been configured to provide information and assistance for more than 38 regions including Australia. Consider Appy Travels – Australia to be your personal travel companion. From guides to weather information and what not, this app can make your road trip one of the most spectacular and comfortable experiences ever.

This app has everything that you could need for planning a perfect road trip. Apart from the brilliant images that are provided here, you also get some excellent videos, compiled by some talented travellers. This is a must-have app if you intend to set out on your caravan trip in Australia.



Weather can provide to be quite a cumbersome hassle on road trips. Sudden showers, an approaching storm and any other natural phenomenon can easily disrupt your plans. Before you get all anxious about it, just rest assured that with the Weatherzone app, you can get all the weather updates and plan your movement accordingly.

The app offers exclusive 3 hourly temperature, icon, wind and rain probability forecasts for the next 48 hours for all major Australian locations from Opticast®. It is also in sync with the national radar as well as the lightning tracker. The real time observations noted by a dedicated team of meteorologists. The features and the sheer accuracy of this app makes it Australia’s favourite weather app.

WikiCamps Australia

WikiCamps Australia

Not sure where to find the best camping spots and caravan parks in Australia? Look no further. WikiCamps Australia is a dynamic user generated camping map designed for Australia. The listings including Caravan Parks, Camp Sites, Backpacker Hostels, Day Stops, Points of Interest and Information Centres.

Since this is a user generated map, you can add more information to it such as list of activities, images of places, etc. As a caravanner, you would be able to get immense benefits from this amazing app. You can spice up this app with the use of additional gadgets such as Satellite dish pointer Camping Checklist, Home Clock, Chat Forum, Compass, and High Quality Offline Map.



For finding the best eat out spots and amazing local destinations, install the Yelp app. It is the easiest and most convenient ways to find nearby hotspots to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play. The most appealing aspect of Yelp is the active participation of users for reviewing the businesses and providing genuine opinions as well as reviews. This goes a long way in ensuring a hassle-free trip as it is possible to locate and make reservations from the app directly.

Users upload photos of places they have visited, on this app so that others may get the benefit of seeing what the place looks like. With Yelp, you will never feel lost in a new place ever again. All you need to do is to search for nearby places to eat or just hang out, and the app will bring up a list of places with all the details including price, rating, images, reviews and location.


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