Top 5 Caravan Trends That Will Surface in 2016

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caravan-trendsCaravan trends are reflective of the various advancements in caravan technology as well as the growth of the market globally. Over the past few years, there have been major developments which have shaped the caravan industry. Be it new caravans, awnings, accessories or camping gear, every small innovation has paved the path for major growth across the industry.

Check out the top 5 caravan trends that will surface in 2016.

Tech Upgrades

Thanks to the several advancements in technology, we could be looking at smart phone-operable, centralized digital management systems that allow you to run your van’s systems from the comfort of your camp chair. Plus, the Lithium battery is expected to launch in the market later this year. When this is brought out, it could revolutionize travel with better energy management. However, this would require the battery to be paired with appropriate invertors and battery management systems. Wirelessly connected components will also become a commercially viable integration for caravans. This will lead to a cable-less and hassle-free caravanning experience. Plus, there might be major breakthroughs with caravan awnings and annexes with respect to the motorized variant for both products.

Use of Hi-Tech Materials

Hi-tech materials will definitely see more utilization in the caravan industry this year. With more manufacturers shifting their focus from timber and focusing on exotic materials like Kevlar, it won’t be long before we see some really cool caravans in the market with additional features such as improved durability, better temperature management, etc. Exterior personalization should also go up a notch in 2016, as Aussie manufacturers move from stick-on artwork to perhaps more sophisticated options like digitally-printed, aluminum panels.

Online Disruption

Technology disruption has become quite common these days where every possible opportunity is being availed and turned into a profitable business venture. With caravan rentals becoming popular as compared to buying a caravan, it won’t be long before see several businesses springing out of thin air and capitalizing on this particular need. When it does come out, it would probably be like the Uber style operation for caravans.

Increased Imports

Caravans may be built locally and you might get a good number of choices, but there are still many caravan models that need to be imported. The rising demand for quality caravans and the need for greater number of options means that imports will rise gradually to meet the increased demand. Plus, the rising number of caravan shows indicates that manufacturers will be more than interested in laying out their products during these shows as customers get to understand and check out the product for themselves. This is also an important factor that will give rise to increased imports.

New Motorhomes, Hybrids and Accessories

Although caravans should occupy a greater market share as compared to other RVs, but new motorhomes and hybrids will surely hit the market, especially in the 3rd and 4th quarters of the year. It is the unique appeal and high levels of convenience which will make them a customer-magnet. Plus, new accessories such as caravan awnings will definitely appeal to existing caravan owners who might be looking for an upgrade.

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