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How to Use a Dometic Electric Caravan Awning

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Dometic Electric Caravan Awning

Dometic caravan awnings are known for their superior quality and highly efficient systems which offer a high level of convenience to the caravanners. With electric awning systems, your entire work gets done at the flick of a switch. No longer do you need to extend the arms and pull out the awnings by yourself. These systems are designed to be fast and responsive, and it takes a few seconds for the entire thing to be set up in position.

When you extend the awning using a switch, make sure that you don’t extend it all the way as it could damage the springs. Move it up till the end flaps come down and there is scope for further extension. This helps to keep the system in a well-balanced position. This particular awning is adjustable, even though the arms are attached to a mechanical system. You can pull down on both sides of the awning and adjust the level according to your need. Once done, you can lock it in place with the help of locks provided on the arm itself.

One important thing about this awning is that it is meant for shade only. So don’t leave it out in the open position during a shower or hail because the water could enter the system and inflict damages. Moreover, the design of dometic awning makes it work like a sail so on a windy day, do not leave it unattended. If you plan on being gone for a long time (almost a day) and the weather conditions indicate a windy day, then roll in the awning before leaving.

On top of the roller are two wire ends. This is a backup measure where you can connect the awning to a battery with compatible wattage and operate the awning in case the main power supply is down. Another alternative provided in the system is a removable bolt located at the junction of the support arms and the roller. This bolt can be removed to manually roll up the awning in case of power failure or unavailability of a live power source.

The awning can be rolled back into position with the flick of a switch which should not take more than a few seconds. This Dometic electric caravan awning is a much-needed life saver and saves time when you need shade to relax. By adhering to some specific precautions and ensuring periodic maintenance, you can ensure problem-free operation of this amazing caravan awning.

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