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Why The Wanderlust Should Never Be Quenched

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Just like the seven sins- Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth, travelling also got a debauched word—wanderlust. The word may sound lecherous, but on the flip side should be pursued in life.

In a more diluted context, wanderlust equals travelling and travelling is all about knowledge, perspective, soul searching, serenity and everything and anything you discover. Although, many of us may not love travelling for different reasons, and so we do not recognize the importance of travelling in life.

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Here are 5 reasons why travel is important in life and it should be pursued throughout.

To get a perspective

There is nothing more homogenous than our locales. But homogeneity is banality and life, has always been and would always be about heterogeneity—all about colours, palettes, and shades. Travelling gives us these colours and shades in the form of perspective that a locale can never. It frees us as thinkers and pushes us to go beyond what has limited us and change the way we look at the world.

For change

Life is a routine unless you are a celebrity or a world leader or any other big shot. As commoners, we are bound by our bread and butter and the daily chores. The routine eventually sets boredom and ultimately hits our productivity at work and the quality of life. Travelling brings the much-needed change, to revive, instil and rekindle our energies.

Exploring cultures

There is nothing else that gives an opportunity to discover different worlds around us, except travelling. The world has innumerable things, waiting to be seen. Travelling lets us discover and explore cultures, traditions, languages, customs, rituals, food and many other things which broaden our knowledge which otherwise remains limited.

Memories to cherish

Life is all about memories. The anticipated future becomes present and the throbbing present becomes the past and what lasts is the memories. Memories of the travels we undertake in our lives embellishes and enriches them, which could be cherished for our entire lives.


If you lack adventure, you lack life. Although, adventure is relative; for some people, adventure is a risk and for some the other way round. Well, travelling is a midway and so is ‘adventurous’ for both kind of people.

Staying put is for trees, we can move and so we should—to gain perspective, knowledge, and experience.

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