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What’s The Difference Between 2WD, 4WD, AND AWD

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Are you confused about which type of vehicle to buy for your outdoor adventures? If you assume every car is the same, you are more likely to make a wrong decision. You might have also thought both 4WD and AWD vehicles are the same. But the truth is, they are not. You need to choose wisely.

Not just your preference, destination, purpose, space, or weather help in deciding the right vehicle but, the terrains or, let’s say, road conditions you drive on and your driving activities are the real deal-breakers. Take a look at each vehicle type to determine which one is meant for your adventures.

4WD Driving Light

Two-Wheel Drive (2WD)

Most of the passenger cars feature two-wheel drive. It means the engine power is routed to either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle. The majority of the cars can be seen with front-wheel drive as it is considered perfect for everyday driving and usability. It is space-efficient, safer, easier to control, and offers better traction as compared to rear-wheel drive.

But in case you are inclined towards a sports car, then you should definitely consider rear-wheel drive. This type can be seen in trucks and SUVs that carry heavy loads as rear-wheel drive delivers extra power and high speed.

Four-Wheel Drive (4WD)

When it comes to four-wheel drive, Be it crossing deep water, climbing large rocks, tackling steep hills, or moving on low traction surfaces, this superb vehicle can make you drive over anything! 4WDs are built with robust suspension and high road clearance, making them suitable for pulling heavy loads and driving through extreme road conditions.

The engine in 4WD delivers equal power to all four wheels. 4WD comes in two options, part-time and full-time. Part-time requires the driver to shift the vehicle into two or four-wheel drive manually. Whereas, in full-time or, let’s say, automatic, the vehicle automatically shifts between two and four-wheel drive modes.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

From the name, you must have got a slight idea of what all-wheel drive is. AWD sends power to every corner. But, typically, the power is supplied to the front wheels. And it is delivered to the rear wheels only when needed.

The most interesting thing about AWD is, the system operates seamlessly underneath without any driver intervention. It automatically detects the traction required and decides when & how much power is to be delivered.

Be it sloppy, snowy, or moderate off-road conditions, AWD can get you going through various road conditions. It could even help you get through sand, mud, and other loose surfaces easily. From compact sedans to large SUVs, AWD is available in a variety of vehicles today.

Which One Is Better?

Are you an off-road enthusiast? Then, without a doubt, you should opt for a 4WD vehicle that gets you through the terrains. For everyday driving or driving in mild rain & snow, you can go for 2WD. But a smooth ride on slippery surfaces or unpaved roads would be only possible with an AWD.

To make camping and every outdoor adventure fun and hassle-free, choose the right vehicle and pair it with the right accessories.

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