6 Camping Tips for New Campers

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Camping is a lot of fun, especially when you go out with family and friends. I am sure that you too must have thought about going on a camping trip at least once. Who is stopping you? Plan a trip, get the right gear, ask your friends to join you, and enjoy your first camping experience. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come your way.

Before you go on your first camping adventure, make sure that you consider the following tips to avoid hassles.

Pack The Necessities, Avoid Luxuries

When you are on a camping trip, it is better to avoid carrying large quantities, especially luxuries. The beauty of a camping trip is that it enables people to explore the wilderness and develop the skills to survive amongst the elements by going out of their comfort zone. So leave behind the luxuries and carry only the necessities such as a first aid kit, camping gear, and survival tools.

Learn How to Pitch a Tent

This is the basic requirement for any camping trip. You need to know how to pitch a tent perfectly on any ground. Out in the wild, you should not expect everything to be prepared for you. Plus, no one will come and pitch the tent for you. If you don’t know how to pitch a tent, then you should ask experienced campers and practice it in your backyard.

Keep Realistic Expectations

Camping is not always the picture perfect and pleasant experience that is often advertised in popular media. Keep realistic expectations from the camping trip and be prepared to face unforeseen circumstances. After all, there is usually a surprise at every turn and it will be easier for you to confront the “surprises” if you are mentally prepared for it.

Get Proper Camping Gear

Without proper camping gear, you might have to face problem and discomfort on your camping trip. Being a first timer, you should be extra careful about the supplies and gear that you bring along. Consult with experienced campers to understand which gear is actually required for the trip that you intend to make. There is no use of carrying irrelevant gear as it will only add to your load.

Plan Your Food Supplies

Food and water are really important during a camping trip. You cannot carry bulk amount of food so you need to measure, control and manage the supplies such that it lasts the entire duration of your camping trip. The worst thing that can happen to you during a camping trip is running out of food. If you won’t have the facilities to keep food cold don’t take too much fresh food, instead opt for tinned, powdered and packet foods that won’t need to be chilled.

Enjoy Homely Comfort

Get good quality sleeping bags and tents to enjoy a comfortable sleep during your camping trip. First timers are not accustomed to the hard ground and the conditions in which one has to sleep out in the open. If you are not comfortable with the idea of sleeping inside a tent or sleeping bag, then you should consider planning your trip in a caravan. The caravan awnings allow you to have personal space and you can always bring convertible beds to sleep on. You can even sleep inside the caravan and enjoy the comfort of your home.

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