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About Our Porches

Want to spare yourself the hassle of fixing and pitching a heavy awning during your getaway? Caravan porch awnings, also known as caravan lightweight awnings, are the best solution for smaller vans and shorter holidays. Porches are a much smaller and lighter style of awning that is much easier to transport and comfortable to pitch, yet providing you with all the space, comfort and shade an awning can offer.

Our Porches are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your specific needs, and suitable for various camper and caravan models. The caravan porch awnings make your camping life more joyful with all the additional room and comfort it imparts. They are also a great option for the owners of small caravans who want to spread themselves out while parking themselves at the camp-sites. Among our sweeping range of porches available, we’re sure you will find the one that’s perfect for you and your family.