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A Guide to Pack, Clean, and Store Your Camping Gear

September 16th, 2020 in General by

Camping is a relaxing escape from your daily schedule. You get to connect with nature, spend time in the green, and experience adventure. As much fun as it sounds, managing your camping gears can be tricky sometimes. Proper management of your camping equipment can make your trip more efficient and less messy. 

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So, let’s learn about how you can clean, pack and store your camping gear effectively

How to Pack your Camping Gear?

Tick off every item from your camping packing list

Caravanning anywhere requires you to pack a lot of things. Sometimes, you might end up over-packing or forgetting to pack an essential item. Check out our detailed camping guide to know the camping essentials, following items, however, are the must-haves for any camping trip:

  • Tent
  • Flashlight
  • Medicines and First aid kit 
  • Kitchen equipment 
  • Sleeping bags 
  • Water filter 
  • Toiletries

Keep Your Outdoor Camping Gear AT TOP

Equipment like tents, Awnings, and Shades are the ones you will need as soon as you reach your camping site. So, you can keep them at the top of your campervan from where it is easily accessible.  

Pack Some Frozen Water Bottles for DIY Ice Packs

Whether you want to preserve your food or medicines, you can use frozen water bottles to cool your food items and medicines. You can use them as your DIY freezing packs during caravanning. 

How to Clean your Camping Gear?

Use Industry-Safe Cleaning products to Clean Your Camping Gear

Your camping gear needs special care while cleaning. You need to pay attention to the frame and fabric while washing off the dirt. In case you cannot brush off dirt with a cloth or a brush, you can use industry-safe cleaners (like Camco Pro-Strength Awning Cleaner) for thorough cleaning. Such cleaners will not damage the fabric and clean effectively.

For stubborn black streaks on your utensils, bathroom, roof or interiors, spray Black Streak Remover and wipe it with a clean cloth. 

Wash off your Sleeping Bag

A clean sleeping bag ensures a comfortable sleep during camping. If you are a regular camper, you need to wash your sleeping bag 2-3 times a year. Most of the sleeping bags are machine washable nowadays. It is better to wash it in the front-load washer to clean it properly. 

Clean Your Tent and Let It Dry Fully

You can always gently wipe off your tent to get rid of dirt and dust. To remove the mould and mildew from your tent, you can use a vinegar solution or a washing liquid. Once you are done cleaning, allow it to dry thoroughly. Drying it fully ensures that your tent will not be exposed to fungus after washing. 

Wash Off Your Dishes and Kitchen Equipment

You can always carry a washing liquid or soap with you while camping. When you use a disinfectant or a washing liquid to clean your kitchenware, it will also keep your caravan kitchen clean and tidy.

If you keep separate utensils for home kitchen and Caravan then we suggest to thoroughly wash utensils with strong soap solution before storing them until the trip.

How to Store your Camping Gear?

Group your Camping essentials according to their type

With so many items in your camping packing checklist, it is better to classify and arrange them in groups. For instance, you can keep all your bowls, forks, stove, etc in the “kitchen group”. You can keep your sleeping bags, Awnings, Shades, Pegs, in the “Outdoor Group”. 

Store Camping Items in Crates and Bins

Once you have grouped all similar items, you can store them in crates or wire baskets. You can also label your camping essentials, which will make it easy to access them. 


Packing your camping essentials is the first step while driving to your camping destination. In case you are new to camping or want to purchase new camping gear, you can visit our online RV store. At Xtend Outdoors<please link to home page>, we can even offer you customised camping accessories and equipment. 

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