We all are under lockdown due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, and as a result, we are bound to spend time at home. Though, we know the importance of social distancing, spending a whole day at home could be boring for all of us.
You can spend the entire day watching Netflix, but if you love spending time while camping outdoors then, we can understand your frustration. Here is a curated list of 20 activities that you would enjoy in your backyard. You would be surprised to know that there is a lot to explore even when you stay at home. So, let’s quickly dive into the blog.

Indoor Activities For You and Your Kids to Enjoy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Indoor Activities For Kids

Set Up a Backyard Tent or Decorate Your RV

Set up a backyard tent or decorate your RV to give it a look and feel of camping. If you have an RV, you can attach a roll-out awning to it and take delight in camping sitting in your backyard. Moreover, you can also use a patio blind or LOCK ARM WINDOW BLIND over your house window; it will give a perfect look like a camping site.

roll-out awning

Replacement Awning Vinyl

Patio Blind

Lock Arm Window Blind

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Beautify Your Backyard in Free Time

Light strings look beautiful and instantly light up your surrounding area, which seems magical. Hang lightweight light strings around your backyard tent or RV in free time and engage your kids in this activity. They will surely love it.

Build a Backyard Fire Pit

When it comes to camping, how can we forget fire pits, they are amazing and give a raw touch to the whole scenario. Build a sturdy flagstone fire pit that will keep you and your family warm. Also, you can use it to do fire pit cooking or to grill marshmallows in it.


Here are some of the games that you can play in your backyard or take up some craft activities while staying at home.


Tug-of-War is one of the simplest games that you can play. All it requires is a rope and any amount of people can participate in the game which are split into two equal teams to hold the rope from both ends. You can create a puddle of mud to make it look a lot harder and some more fun to it, and you and your kids will surely enjoy the game.


Hide-and-Seek is another game that doesn’t always require a camping site; you can play it at home itself. This way, you get a chance to discover what all you have in the different corners of your home.


Tossing a Frisbee back is a fun activity. When you have nothing to do, you can play with Frisbee and keep your kids engaged while you are at home during the lockdown.


Being stuck inside your house is the best opportunity to sharpen your crafting skills. Knitting, making paper flowers, or simply colouring in a colouring book, whatever you are expert at, you can practice all of it while you are at home.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt is also an interesting activity that you can have while being at home. Begin by gathering paper bags and pencils and take your kids on a backyard scavenger hunt. You can write down the name of insects, flowers, and trees in your bag to identify them in your backyard. It will enhance their knowledge and can also be used to collect specimens. This is good also for clearing out the pile of washed clothes or heap of toys in the backyard.

Backyard Ring Toss

Backyard Ring Toss
Backyard ring toss is a perfect idea for these days. If you don’t have rings, cut it out of the old cardboard and cover it up with colourful washi tapes. Keep some tins or bottles, assign them some value and prizes, and you are all set to play the toss game.


Playing games can be fun, but you also need some time for yourself. Here are some leisure activities that you can take up to unwind a little.

Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor Yoga
You can begin your day with some outdoor yoga and believe us - you will feel energetic throughout the day. It can be done at any time of the day, but it is believed to be more relaxing if you practice it during sunrise or sunset. If you are a beginner, you can refer to some online videos to help yourself out.

Stargazing and Telescope Viewing

Stargazing and Telescope ViewingStargazing is so much relaxing; you can try it out while sitting at your terrace. As we all are under lockdown, the environment is growing cleaner; so spend some time to appreciate nature. It will be exciting to gaze at stars in such a time. Usually, we don’t have telescopes at home; you can use an app named sky guide to have a telescopic view.

Night Walks

Night Walk
Walking through the woods is great while you are camping. However, taking a walk through your backyard while gossiping with your family is equally a fun activity to do.

Ghost Storytelling

Ghost Storytelling
Imagine the thrill of ghost stories while sitting aside the fire pit. Isn’t it amazing? You can try out sharing some ghost stories or thriller stories with your family. Believe us; it is so much fun to see their reactions.

Play Music or Sing Around the Backyard Campfire

 Sing Around the Backyard Campfire
Not everyone likes listening to ghost stories; alternatively, you can play soothing music to relax and unwind. You can also sing motivational songs and play the guitar or any other musical instruments to keep up the spirit in these difficult times while staying at home.

Watch an Old Classic Movie

Watch Movies
An old white bedsheet or a canvas drop cloth is the apt backdrop if you plan to watch a movie in your backyard or terrace. Keep the mattress, spread out some nice bedsheets, throw some soft cushion pillows in front of your RV or tent, and start the show with camp-themed movies.

Camping BathtubCamping Bathtub

Get yourself a stock tank pool and fill it up with water. Get a cool dip with your family before dinner, or try to create a fun experience for your kids. You will remember these times in the future.


Apart from games and leisure activities, we also have listed down some cooking ideas for the ones who love cooking.

Make Camping Breakfast

Make Camping Breakfast
When you are at home, you can plan to cook in your backyard or terrace while enjoying the open air even. Serve BBQ dishes that you can easily cook over the fire pit. It will give the complete feel of camping.

Make Fireside Snacks

Fireside Snacks
After a long day of playing games in your backyard and all around the home, you get exhausted. Try making a fireside snack like apple cookies, Samoa Chex mix, some no-bake energy bites to give you the feel of camping, grilled onions, and a lot more.

Enjoy a Cocktail

Everyone knows a BBQ dinner is incomplete without a cocktail. Get yourself a glass of lemon juice, soda, or beer(for adults) and enjoy a nice cocktail after your dinner.
 Share your pics with us if you indulge in any of the activities mentioned above. Also, tell us which one you liked the most.
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