One of the important aspectof owning a caravan is cleaning it. Cleaning your caravan makes it look better as well as keeps it in good condition. Cleaning is important because dirt, algae, rust, mould which could slowly breakdown your caravan. You might wonder why fuss over when you could get your caravan washed and cleaned by professional cleaners? Well, cleaning your caravan all by yourself would surely save you money, and that is the best think about it.
Caravan Cleaning
Here are 5 tips that would make caravan cleaning easier than ever. 

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are powerful cleaning tools and they can clean your caravan in a simple and a quick way. Although, pressure cleaners could do more harm than good as the pressure they exert could knock off small sensitive parts of your caravan and may make the window seals delicate. Damaged window seals occur very frequently as they are very sensitive and the power of the pressure washer will easily rapture these seals. Pressure washers could scratch the paint as well. Use pressure washers on certain parts such as wheels and the underbody of the caravan. You should use pressure washers from a distance to reduce the chances of damaging your caravan. 

Clean it everywhere

Caravans vary in sizes and cleaning them could be a task. You might save time and energy by taking shortcuts and cleaning only the visible parts of your caravan. Although if the only objective of cleaning your caravan is to shine it up, you could go ahead. However, cleaning parts which are not visible will make your caravan last longer and in better condition. Spots that people often skip are the roof, wheels and underside of the caravan. 

Check your roof

Cleaning the roof can be a tricky task, your caravan should be designed to support your weight. Before you plan to clean the roof, you should check with the manufacturer if the roof could hold your weight. In case the roof of your caravan is not good enough to hold your weight the safest way to clean it is to use a ladder. 

Clean top to down

People begin cleaning caravans from the main body of the caravan, the reason being it is the largest and the most accessible part of the vehicle. However, what happens is cleaning the top portion and roof makes the dirt run down the caravan ruining your hard work. Always remember to start from the roof. 

Avoid cleaning under the sun

Washing under the sun could make the cleaning process redundant. Sun makes the water evaporate quickly which leaves watermarks on the windows and windshield. The best way to avoid these watermarks is to avoid cleaning under the sun. Use microfiber towels to wipe off the water if you can’t avoid washing the caravan under the sun. 
November 27, 2019 — admin