Nothing is more exciting than escaping on a camping trip with your family and friends. But it is quite challenging to keep your kids entertained and screen-free throughout the trip when it comes to traveling with them. Apart from involving adventurous activities like hiking, swimming you need also to make the trip fun. Otherwise, you will hear "I'm bored" plenty of times.

Including some outdoor games on the list is a wonderful way to create a memorable and adventurous trip. Games will make them happy and enjoy everything at the same time.

Some of the popular and amusing games include:

Scavenger Hunt

Engage your kids in a scavenger hunt, making them explore and find the items at the campsite. Tweak the theme of objects according to your camp location, like if you're in a forest, then include leaves, rocks, or other wild but safe jungle items and if on a beach, ask them to collect shells, stones, and other undersea or seashore items.

They will enjoy the competition and the thrill of finding each item on the list which will introduce them to new items.

The Alphabet Game

The alphabet game is a simple yet fun game for little campers to play. It is a fantastic way to practice alphabets while identifying the objects by calling their names and keeping kids engrossed in fun.

The game involves verifying and finding items that start with the particular letter from A to Z. Whoever gets their hand on the item first wins the game!

Camping Olympics

Prepare a camping Olympics, an exciting outdoor game not only for kids but for the whole family instead. At times you and your kids may feel a little dizzy and bored. Pump them up with energy and fun when outdoors with the Olympic game.

Arrange various activities at your campsites, such as relay races, jumping jacks, tug of war, egg spoon race, potato sack race, and many such games. You can plan and tailor beforehand so that you have all the required supplies at the moment.

Chubby Bunny

It seems cute from the name itself. Every player will place a marshmallow in their mouth and say 'chubby bunny' without chewing it. Again, the player will put on a marshmallow and say, 'chubby bunny'. Players will keep on stuffing marshmallows until they can. And whosoever stuff most of the marshmallows in their mouth and say, 'chubby bunny', without swallowing any, wins the game!

Marshmallows will surely make you a chubby bunny at the campfire night.

Chinese Whispers

Sit around a circle at the campfire and start whispering!

While playing the game, Chinese Whispers players form a circle, and the first player whispers a phrase into the ear of the person sitting beside them, and this way, the message passes on to the next person through whispering. When the message reaches the last person, he/she says out loud what they heard to the entire group.

Usually, it turns out different from the original message! HAHA!

Hide & Seek

Old but Gold! No matter how many years this game is known, it is still every kid's favorite game. Everyone from the youngest member to the eldest will have fun while playing it.

Ensure playing this game only during the daytime. You can explore the campground and set up some rules regarding the playing area's boundaries for a safe game. For more fun, decide how much the seeker should count before starting to find the hiders.

Twig Castles

For a play-sit camping session, bring some glue and scissors along with you to the trip. Ask your kids to go and gather some twigs & leaves from the campsite and build a twig castle or fort. It is a great idea for some fun and interesting activity at the campsite.


The list of the games will go on. Ensure you have a proper and feasible camping area, even if you decide to play some board games with them.

It is advisable to attach an Xtend Outdoors Caravan Annexes for a proper shade from rain and scorching heat at the campsite while playing outdoors.

March 22, 2021 — admin