For the passion to offer you the best quality awning and accessories, we strive every day. In this endeavour of customer satisfaction and to show our gratitude for your sincere and continued patronage we are once again offering you some of the heaviest discounts on our selective products.

Curved Roof Rafters
Rafters are the structural base of an awning. Without rafters, it would be very difficult for an awning to be secure against wind flapping and rain pooling. AWA’s rafters are so designed that your awnings withstand the toughest weather conditions and also prevent stretching of the awning fabric. They are easy to install making them user-friendly.
With a heavy discount of 66%, the current price is $29 (freight included).
Awning Tie Down Straps
Another accessory that secures your awning is an awning tie down strap. Practically designed, AWA’s awning tie down strap is easy to use. To install it, slide the tie down and strap it inside the barrel of the rollout awning wrap over its top. Peg the other end in the ground to hold it in place.
With a whopping 24% discount, AWA’s awning tie down strap stands at $19 (freight included).
Anti Flap Kit Protective Bag
An anti flap secures your awning from the wind flapping and other causes that lead to damaging your awning. Ever wondered what could save your anti flap? The answer is an anti flap kit protective bag. It does not only protects your anti flap from paint scratching and breaking but also helps you carry all flaps in one bag.
Available at less than half of its original cost with a huge discount of 56%, the anti flap kit protective bag comes for $35 and too including the freight.
What are you waiting for? Order your awning accessories now!
June 08, 2018 — admin