Retractable Awning

Awnings are not only shades that help us from the direct sunlight, but they are an extension of our spaces. Be it a porch, a patio or a corridor, awnings personalize our spaces. But what if these personalized spaces are temporary and do not stay year long. Well, in that case, we do not need fixed awnings too and what we need is a retractable awning.

Retractable awnings can be drawn or rolled back hence making them more flexible for use around the year. For example, we do not want to blot out the soothing sun rays in the winters (which burn us in the summers) and here retractable awnings help us. Here are a few benefits of a retractable awning:

Draw it Back

The biggest benefit of a retractable awning is its most primary function that is retractability. You could draw a retractable awning back once you are done with it. If it is a manual awning you just need a hand crank to open and close the awning by winding it clockwise and anti-clockwise. Nowadays there are remote-controlled awnings too available that makes it much easier to open and close the awnings.

Design Effective

As compared to the non-retractable awnings, retractable ones are more design effective as they do not have standing poles which could be a hassle and often block your view.

Easier to install

Retractable awnings are easier to install as the fabric is rolled making the awning folded and even a duo could install them. Unlike the non-retractable awnings in which the fabric is open making it difficult to install by 2 people.

Cost effective

In Summers you could pull up the awning and in winters you could pull it down helping in regulating the inside temperature, thus saving a lot of cooling and heating expenses. On the other hand, a fixed awning is not capable of doing that.

Creates more space

If you are a camper you know when is ‘space’ created. A workable space is created by putting up a shade. A retractable awning creates a space where you can cook, gather or just relax.

Blot out the sunlight

A retractable awning installed on a window would help you blot out the excessive sunlight. Curtains, on the contrary, darken the room, while a retractable awning would just let the right amount of sunlight in.
Retractable awnings are an in thing today. Be it a camping trip or social gathering at your patio retractable awnings are the best things you could have for your home.
July 25, 2017 — admin