The best way to describe a caravan annexe is to relate to the extension of your personal space when you travel in a caravan or a motorhome. All you need to do is to just open up the annexe and the entire structure comes into place with completely enclosed space that can be used for a wide range of activities from sleeping to just sitting around in comfort. If you have adequate air conditioning facility in your caravan, then the annexe can provide you a space where you can get the comfort of air conditioning, without having to bear the harsh temperature outside.

Affordable Caravan Annexe

Use the following tips to help you get started in your search for a suitable yet affordable annexe for your caravan.

Size Does Matter

Don’t just get any annexe because it costs less and looks rather appealing to the eye. The most important aspect of any annexe is that is should fit perfectly with your caravan or any other RV that you may have. There is no point in getting an annexe which is loosely fitted or does not comply with the dimensions of the vehicle. Failure to ensure this important fact will definitely cause problems in the long run.

If you do not have standard measuring instruments with you, then you can use a piece of string to measure the dimensions of your vehicle and then use these specific dimensions to find the most suitable annexe for you. Even if you are looking at cheap options, you should not compromise with size compliance under any condition.

Check out the Annexe Type and Relate it to your Needs

A caravan annexe is not just an enclosure that travels along with your vehicle, it is your personal living space on the roads and during your trips. So you should give adequate time for identifying the type of caravan awning that not only suits your needs but is compliant with your budgetary constraints. Conducting a thorough research is probably the best way to learn more about the types of annexes available. This will also help you to understand the features that are most efficient in fulfilling specific requirements that you may have.

Is it Easy to Store?

Irrespective of the fact whether you are a frequent traveller or you prefer to head out on trips once in a blue moon, the storage of the annexe is an important consideration that you need to make. You should check whether the annexe is accompanied by lines, straps and bags as these help to keep the annexe intact and in place during storage. It should not prove to be a hassle. If you feel that the storage requirements for a particular annexe is too much, then you should consider other options.

Don’t Go For an Annexe that Exceeds the Weight Constraints for the Caravan

Your vehicle may be really powerful and stunning, but even then it has certain weight constraints. If you overload the vehicle, then there are chances of accidents being caused. Get in touch with awning manufacturers and find out the weight of the annexe models that you are interested in. Once this information has been acquired, you can check the maximum load bearing capacity for your caravan. And don’t make the mistake of adding the weight of the occupants and the annexe for calculating the overall weight of the caravan. You need to consider every bit of equipment, material and resource that has been loaded on the RV.

Consider Second Hand / Used Annexe

Nothing can be more affordable than a used annexe. Many times people want to upgrade their gear or do not have the time to travel much, so they sell off their annexe. Now this is a really tricky situation. You need to be very careful while examining the annexe so that you don’t get duped into investing in an ineffective product.

You should also compare the prices of the second hand annexe and a new annexe with the same specifications. If the difference is justified, then you can invest in it. There is no point in investing in a used caravan annexe which costs just a little less than a new one. In such cases, it would be better to save up and go for a fresh piece.

 Be Careful!

Not many have the budget to afford a new annexe for their caravan. At times, people may choose to opt for a cheaper or used caravan annexe because their travelling needs are limited and investing in a new annexe which would be rarely used does not hold enough value. With a little effort and a lot of research, you can get yourself a wonderful caravan annexe.

July 30, 2014 — admin