In the last few decades, caravanning and camping craze has gone up especially among people who seek travel pleasure and love spending quality time with their friends and family. With such a surge in camping, its accessories also evolved over time. These accessories can be attached to your camper trailers to make camping life easier. Accessories such as annexes, awnings, sunscreens, privacy screens and many not only protect you from the harshness of weather but also create “that” extra space. At times these camping accessories are not very clearly demarcated and are quoted interchangeably.
The usage of annexes, awnings and sunscreens may intersect at some point, yet they are very different from each other.


Caravan Annexes
As the name suggests annexes are an extension to your campers, which provide you with more space and protection from the elements. They also offer a great degree of privacy with curtain option. Although there are other options with them such as fly screens, doors, windows and full walls. They are made from a compound of materials like fabric and vinyl and thus are waterproof. Annexes can be freestanding too, such an annexe can be placed anywhere around the caravan and can be used as a kitchen or dining or sleeping space or anything you wish to. They are easy to install and affordable.


Caravan Awnings

The literal meaning of an awning is a canvas sheet which is extended on a frame that serves as a rooftop. Although an awning is more than a rooftop. It can be hooked to the ground just like a tent providing not only a rooftop but also a private space. Awning for a caravan exactly is the same with the only difference being it is attached to the caravan and be rolled out whenever required. Awnings are available in assorted shapes and sizes and also the material varies. A variant of an awning is a canopy which is smaller than an awning that serves just like a rooftop.

Rollout Awnings- A rollout awning is an elaborate shading system which provides a shaded area outside your camper. They are generally customized and thus have a lot of flexibility. Awnings are available in assorted shapes and sizes and also the material of awnings vary. You can get retractable awnings which can be rolled back, either manually or with a motor if they are not in use. A variant of an awning is a canopy, which is smaller than an awning and serves just like a rooftop. Awnings are installed on the body of your camper trailer and is a one-time installation task.


Caravan Sunscreens
Sunscreens are typically shades which primarily are used to block the sunlight. They are made of breathable fabrics which doesn’t make you feel suffocated and just like awnings, sunscreens can be attached to the caravan. Smaller sunscreens can be installed on the windows too. Apart from their essential usage as a shade, sunscreens are also used for privacy. Sunscreens are best to provide shade from the sun and as a visual barrier thus giving privacy. Elements such as hail, rain and strong winds can make sunscreen less useful.
Hope this helped you understand what are the differences between awnings, annexes and sunscreens. Xtend Outdoors offer a great range of such camping accessories.
May 25, 2017 — admin