Christmas day comes on the 25th December and is a festival for Christian to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Many people, even if they are not Christian celebrate the birth of Jesus, give each other gifts and decorate their homes on this special occasion.
Christmas Traditions
In which month is Christmas in Australia?
Australian Christmas comes in the summer holidays! Also, 25th Dec is a public holiday or the general population; children have their summer vacations from December to February. Because it is hot at Christmas time in Australia, people might even go camping with their family.

Christmas Traditions in Australia


When is Christmas in Australia?

Christmas in Australia comes in the summertime. Australians live on the world's largest island, so people often spend part of Christmas day with their family at the beach. Australian decorates their homes with greenery along with summer flower (Christmas bellflower). Most of Australia's migrants came from England and Ireland, fetching their Christmas traditions with them.

How does Australia celebrate Christmas?

On Christmas Eve, families and friend gather together to attend the church. Children assume gifts from their dad and others wait for Santa Clause to visit and deliver the gift.

Australian Christmas traditions

The most popular event of Christmas season that is attended by masses is Carols by Candlelight. People come outside from their homes, gather and sing Christmas carols outside. The event gets popularised when in Melbourne in 1938 by radio announced by Norman Banks when he witnessed the crowds gather in parks and outdoor venues to listen to carols sung by candlelight.

Christmas Gift Ideas for campers

We all get baffled when we have to choose the gifts for others, some of you might wonder what to gift someone who loves the outdoors? Selecting a gift and buying it offline is time-consuming. To make things simpler for you we have chosen some of the items that can make person happier who loves to go camping.

Camping Christmas gifts

There are several items that you can gift to the adventurer. All of these camping items are useful, intensive and camping- friendly.
Christmas Gifts
  • Outdoor cooking accessories
Adventures like camping, hiking requires a lot more cooking efforts. Campers follow a rigid diet chart and intake food according to the situations, but a well-rounded diet is essential to an outdoorsman. To have proper nutrition, they need to have outdoor cooking accessories.
If I mention specific products then a set of pots and pans, camping knives and a compact coffee maker, popcorn popper although the best cooking gift for a camper can be an iron pie iron, with a pie iron, you give the gift of grilled cheese a la campfire, as well as plenty of other simple recipes.
  • Camping Firewood Carrier
It is hard to carry the gathered wood for a long route to your camp. A simple and useful gift for adventures is camping wood carrier; it will take the pain away from your wood gatherer with this excellent firewood carrier with handles!
  • Mini Screen Projector
Yes, we all love to be under the stars, but sometime to fill up the void of emptiness, campers can watch their favourite shows with the help of this mini-screen projector. It is small, easy to carry, comfy and lightweight.
  • Camping Espresso Mini Coffee Machine
Now you don’t need to change your morning drink while you’re camping. Enjoy a delicious espresso with this incredible small coffee machine. This little machine definitely to bring a smile on campers. The capable device has – a semi-automatic piston which allows you to operate, mix the coffee into espresso at a squeeze of a button. Just press at will to control the amount of extracted coffee.
Whether you are in the home, kitchen or doing camping, this is necessary to have for coffee addict.
  • Camping Shish Kebab Baskets
Want to eat a delicious bbq meal while camping, then have this or gift this to your camper friend. You need to collect veggies and insert it in shish kabab stainless steel then place it over fires. You will have the best campfires meal of your life. Features - Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Keep Food from Falling onto the BBQ Heat Resistant Handles.
  • Floating Camping Tent
Well, camping in Australia is risky, the forests are full of dangerous animals. The campers need to be extra conscious, and the only thing that protects the person from these life taking animals is the Floating Camping Tent. The Tent stuck between two trees and considered to be the most versatile and comfortable tent in the world.
  • Car Seat Organiser
A car seat organiser is a perfect gift for your camper friend. It stores a lot of small items. They are perfect for all those tiny objects which mostly get lost in your car.
  • Wireless Electric Brake Controller
Naturally, a brake controller is the instrument which controls the brakes most of which are already fitted. The latest innovation in the category of electric brake controllers is Wireless Electric Brake Controller( Bluetooth). You can buy this Bluetooth brake controller without needing to hard wire it into your car! Giving you the freedom to change tow vehicles! Check them out here for Christmas.
  • Pocket Camping Shower
Now you can have a shower in your camping trip. The pocket-size camping shower can hold 10L and it is made from heat resistant water-proof fabric. It works similarly as your bathroom shower but only for seven minutes. However, in seven minutes, you’ll be able to soap up, rinse off and possibly even wash your hair!
All you have to do is hang the Pocket Shower from the nearest tree or your existing shower head. The small showering machine provides equal spray dispersion, and just a twist of the showerhead allows you to turn the water on or off and even adjust the flow.
  • Hiking pack
Most of the campers are hikers, they carry a small backpack and fill it with a sort of handy knick-knacks to make life outside a little bit easier. So a hand warming Hiking pack is a perfect gift for your adventure buddy. You can up the ante with this one by throwing in a personal water filter that’s extra handy on longer hikes.
  • Comfy clothing
One of the best parts about camping is everyone enjoys the weather conditions. Campers prefer to wear clothes according to climate conditions. The first thing they look for while choosing the clothes for camping is that apparels are comfortable or not.
  • Outdoor seating
This is a perfect gift. The campers need somewhere to sit, and they are mostly in a hunt of scoring a spot. Plus the place with the most outdoor seating usually becomes the place to be when night falls and campfires crowds grow. Travellers need somewhere to sit, too! In this case, look for something more compact and easy to pack away.
  • Portable games
Have you ever imagine what campers do a whole day in the forest? They play games and enjoy. If you want to gift something to a traveller, gift them portable games. Games like cards, sudoku, chess, ludo and word searches are great for vacationists.
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