Beginner Camping MistakesThe amateur camper, especially a first timer, usually doesn’t consider the finer details of camping. It is better to be prepared for the possible challenges that you might encounter on your camping trip. Just make sure that you keep realistic expectations and avoid making the following beginner camping mistakes.

Mistake #1: Inadequate Research

Just because exploring the wild seems adventurous, you should never leave things to chance. Read up on where you are going, conditions, weather and facilities (water, toilets, campsites). Trust me, this will save you from a lot of hassles. The research doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. Just make a few calls, check up the reviews on the internet, try to get relevant information about the place that you are visiting and you should be able to get things worked out. If you are seeking a caravan park camping location, then ring in advance and find out costs and availability. Some parks are closed due to seasonal weather activity. You wouldn’t want to arrive at a closed park, especially if you have friends or family with you.

Mistake #2: Missed Checking The Equipment Before Leaving

Practice, practice and more practice – this is the only way you can ensure that you are able to work with the equipment properly. Plus, this also helps to check if the equipment is in proper working condition. Even if you have completely new gear, you should check it thoroughly before leaving or else you would end up with an unnecessary load that will prove to be quite a burden on your trip.

Mistake #3: Relying Solely on a Campfire

The most beautiful part of a camping trip is the campfire. It is certainly one of the most memorable things that you will cherish forever. However, campfires can take a while to build up sufficiently for cooking. To put a Camp Oven in the coals, those coals need to be very hot and that takes time. If you do not have the time or the patience to manage a campfire, then bring a barbeque or a portable stove. This will come in handy in places where campfire may not be allowed at the particular time of the year. Never rely solely on campfires when you are out in the wild.

Mistake #4: Compromising Quality for Budget

Buying cheap isn’t always good. Most people do not have a big budget to buy expensive branded gear. This is why the most obvious choice is affordable gear. But you might want to keep an eye out for sales where you can get high quality equipment at a decent price. The other feasible alternative is to upgrade the gear as you get more experienced at camping. Remember, you should only consider investing in camping gear if it is not planned as a one-time adventure or an occasional undertaking.

Mistake #5: Getting the Wrong Bedding

Wrong bedding is going to make your life miserable. If the weather is cold, then you will probably shiver the entire night and get very uncomfortable. Simply getting a sleeping bag or a tent might not be sufficient. Read about bedding for camping trips and ask experienced campers. This should help you to find the best bedding for your trip. Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast. It will help you to decide the most appropriate bedding for your trip.

Mistake #6: Arriving Late at the Campsite

Never arrive late at the campsite. Unless you have already booked a spot, you could lose out on camp sites if you are late. It can get quite stressful, especially if you have kids with you. They can be hungry or might need some help getting used to the new environment. There is nothing worse than a long trip and then driving around and around a campground looking for a spare spot as the light fades (or its pitch black) to appear miraculously in a peak time. Make sure you have a backup plan in case you get late due to unforeseen circumstances.

May 24, 2016 — admin