The biggest expense incurred on caravanning is the running cost. If you don’t agree, give it a thought. Buying one, makes you pay a huge sum in the one-shot, on the flip side the fuel cost is like a seeping liquid. 
There is no way, you could cease the running cost unless you keep your caravan parked all the time and do not drive, which is not exactly what you bought it for. But there are ways you could reduce the cost you incur on fuel.
Check out these 5 ways you could improve the fuel efficiency of your caravan: 

Tyre Pressure

The first thing that hits the fuel efficiency of your caravan is the low tyre pressure. Check the tyre pressure before you hit the road for your caravanning trip. For an accurate reading, you should check the pressure when the tyres are cold and would certainly be just before starting up the engine. The fuel efficiency could go up to 3% if the tyres are inflated with apt pressure and on the flip side, it could dip about 0.2% for losing every 1 psi of average pressure. Also, well-inflated tyres last longer, which means less number of tyre replacements. 

Go Light

Driving a huge vehicle such as a caravan does not mean you could it could stuff it without a downside. Weight has a direct impact on the engine of your caravan, that means it has to work harder if you are hauling more weight. To put it to perspective, every 45 Kgs pulls down the fuel efficiency of your caravan by 2 per cent. Pack light to get better fuel efficiency. 

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is not only important for the general health of your caravan, but it helps in keeping the fuel efficiency good as well. Get your caravan checked by a certified mechanic and make sure engine oil and air filters are changed at frequent intervals. Regular tune-ups reduce the chances of a break down thus keeping the mileage at desired levels. A tuned up and well-maintained vehicle could give improve the fuel efficiency by as much as 4%! 

Consistent Speed

Revving the engine up and braking often has a huge impact on the fuel efficiency of your caravan. For the best results, you should drive the vehicle at 88-95 Kms/hour. The mileage goes down by 7% every time the average speed goes up by 5 Kms per hour over 60. Use cruise control to keep driving at a consistent speed.
Fuel is one of the dearest resources in the world, and by each passing day, it is becoming dearer. A day would come when we might not have this fossil fuel available for our vehicles. These tips would not only save money for you but push the dooming day ahead. 
September 24, 2019 — admin