Caravan Annexe

Caravanners who take along annexes and awnings to set up their own personal space out in the wild are faced with the issue of inadequate lighting. The most common light source used in led caravan annexes light and awnings is the usual caravan light. Other than a custom electrical work done for the annexe, there are not many options known to people. You may use a solar powered lantern but I am not sure whether it would provide sufficient lighting.

LEDs work perfectly for caravans and caravan annexes. Not only do they provide sufficient lighting inside the annexe, but they are flexible in terms of placement. Moreover, they consume less energy than other conventional lighting sources. LED strips are pretty sturdy and have waterproof covering on them to prevent sudden damage due to water. Nowadays, some camping and caravanning stores keep premade lengths of these LED strips. These pre-cut strips come with Velcro and fixing straps for convenient placement and faster installation at site.


As per my understanding, a regular annexe should require approximately 5 meters of LED strip lights. You need to measure out the centre bracing rib of the roof of the annexe if you need a centrally positioned light. Or else you could get more length of LED strip lights and line it up along the inside edges. Personally, I would prefer going for a centrally positioned light. Once you have positioned and fixed the light strips in place, you only need to connect it to a power socket.

LED lights are pretty soothing in nature and they consume less power. All of this makes them the perfect addition to your caravan’s annexe. You can even use left-over strips of LED to light up other areas such as wash basins, headrest for beds (to be used as reading lights), etc. There are numerous applications that can be made for this simple yet highly effective lighting source. Remember, if you don’t get the pre-cut version, you can always ask your electrician to make up a lighting kit for you that you may setup whenever you require.

I hope this was helpful to you. Don’t forget to share your opinions, views and ideas with us in the discussions thread below.

June 04, 2015 — admin