Flooring For Caravan Awnings

Did you actually think that simply putting up a caravan awning would give you the comfort you require? What about the flooring? This is one aspect that many people don’t consider initially. By the time it strikes them, it is either too late or they run out of good options. In either case, the perfect flooring is not obtained for the awning.

I am sure that you would not want to walk on rough ground inside the awning. The most important thing about choosing awning floors is not the kind of comfort that you are looking for, rather the ground on which the awning would be set up. It might seem a bit weird, but you need to understand the type of ground on which you would be erecting the awning.

Without proper flooring, you would run the risk of getting cold feet in addition to the hassles of rising damp from the ground below. Damp, in particular, causes a great deal of condensation inside the awning, which spoils the indoor climate. The best awning flooring is one which provides superior comfort and protection from the ground. Since everything depends on the type of ground on which you would setup the awning, it is best to check out the place or at least inquire about it before going there.

Experts suggest that an ideal awning flooring is not just one carpet or cover, rather it involves 4-5 different layers. These layers include:

  • Start with the base cover which directly covers the ground. It should extend 30 cm beyond the awning on all four sides. The increased length of the cover provides protection from mud and wet grass in addition to make cleaning quite easy.

  • The next layer is made up of plastic tiles. Not only do they provide sufficient insulation from cold and dampness, but also create a comfortable surface to walk on. The best thing about these plastic tiles is that they can be cut with a saw to suit the dimensions required for your awning.

  • You may add a layer of tarpaulin for added protection against elevating damp. But this may not be a mandatory requirement. Use this only when the ground is very damp.

  • The next layer needs to be a thick fibre underlay with adequate insulation properties. This layer acts as an insulation between the lower layers and the top most carpet. For damp or cold grounds, this insulating layer is a must as it ensures high comfort levels.

  • The final and top most layer needs to be a carpet. Ideally, the carpet should not bunch up or slip and should offer comfort even when walking barefoot on it.

There are several brands offering different caravan awning floorings. Choose the one that suits your need and your budget. After all, it won’t make sense to go for a highly insulated flooring if you intend to park on dry grounds with moderate dampness. Make sure that you take out time to plan your caravan trip by paying attention to the finer details. This will help to get all the comforts of home even if you are miles away from it.

August 04, 2015 — admin